Cocktails have never been so popular - and that's particularly the case over Christmas and New Year.

Top Christmas Cocktails: Here are the UK's 13 favourite festive tipples - and how to make them

Party season is almost with us, so here are the drinks most Brits will be enjoying at bars and at home.

According to research from online drinks retailer NIO Cocktails, Brits are choosing more and more to toast celebratory occasions with cocktails, instead of Champagne, wine and prosecco.

And that’s certainly the case during the festive season, with internet searches for ‘cocktails’ peaking during December and TikTok cocktail videos clocking up more than 4.2billion views.

The surbey found that New Year is the occasion when most people will opt for a cocktail over other drinks – around 5.8 million of us – closely followed by Christmas Day itself.

Here are the 13 most popular Christmas tipples and how to make them at home. Remember to drink responsibly.

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