The BRxACT Auction – Ultimate Up-cycling on Glasgow’s Southside

When Marco Gianassi realised he would have to replace the wooden balustrade that runs around the iconic Battlefield Rest restaurant on the southside of Glasgow, he looked for an opportunity to embrace the environmental message of COP 26.

After engaging Paul Hodgkiss to craft the new columns, the pair talked about a project that would see the old ones upcycled to benefit a local charity. Artist Frank Carty had painted the ceiling of the restaurant and suggested Articulate as benefactors, as he had worked with them on projects with young people around Glasgow.

The Articulate Cultural Trust was set up five years ago to support marginalised young people across Scotland to access the creative arts. This inspiring environmental collaboration has seen Articulate engage with local artists and the southside community.

Over 60 generous artists have reimagined the old, weatherworn columns into new and inspiring pieces of sculpture. Each is unique. They include a humorous depiction of our First Minister, tributes to Glasgow old and new, some inspired by nature, abstract art … indeed something for everyone.

Felicity Steers with her depiction of First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

This fascinating collection will now be auctioned on the BRxACT Facebook page from the 1st to the 14th of September. When the auction closes on the 14th at 6pm, the majority will be sold, but the top performing 15 will finish the project in a live auction on Thursday the 15th of September. You can follow developments on Brxact’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.

The proceeds from the auction will fund Re:Made with Care.

Made with Care is an existing Articulate project that supports young people to access professional artists, kit and materials to create products that they can take to market. The first Made with Care residential was last week in Perth and the young cohort will be at WASPS Summer Fair in the Briggait this weekend to sell their wares.Re:Made branches into upcycling and young people will get support to upcycle and remake the unwanted. Articulate puts the environment at the heart of planning, and this is the first of a series of ambitious projects that encourages participants to look at the part they play in tackling climate change, while also creating an income stream and a way to fund their future dreams and creative aspirations.