Ten whiskies to celebrate St Andrew’s Day with

On the 30th November it is St. Andrews Day and the perfect excuse to indulge in our national drink, and no, I’m not talking about Irn Bru. I’m talking about whisky of course. Here is a few choices of some great whiskies that will really get your night going and help you toast our patron saint.
Top 10 whiskies for St Andrews DayTop 10 whiskies for St Andrews Day
Top 10 whiskies for St Andrews Day

Great Value whiskies at great prices

Old Pulteney 12 year old 40% abv (Highland)

It is well known that St Andrew was a fisherman in his youth and I’m sure he’d have approved of this coastal malt. A very popular dram that wins awards on regular occasions. It is light and salty with a little note of honey.

Price £27

Edradour 12 year old Caledonia Oloroso Cask 46% abv (Highland)

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What could be more fitting of St Andrew than a bottle that features a Saltire? A special bottling of Edradour 12 year old. Singer/songwriter Dougie Maclean has selected this single Oloroso cask from 1997 as part of the Homecoming celebrations and named it after his most famous song, Caledonia. Lovely little fruity dram, rich and with dried fruit notes.

Price £40

Glenkinchie 12 year old 43% abv (Lowland)

Relics of St Andrew are kept at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, Edinburgh and for that link I’ve chosen Glenkinchie as my next choice. If you like your malts light and floral this is the perfect bottle for you. A cracking little sipping whisky that’s perfect for sharing.

Price £35

Looking to spend a little more?

Longrow Red 11 year old Shiraz cask 53.7 abv (Campbeltown)

This is another that harkens back to a proud tradition of being part of a coastal, fishing village. The Longrow is Springbank’s peated expression and it is a brilliant malt. The peat is slightly different from an Islay and the red wine finish just brings through a smoked fruit flavour that’s hard not to enjoy. One for the peat heads.

Price £50

Sheep dip Oloroso Sherry cask 41.8% abv (blended whisky)

Sheep Dip’s delicious Oloroso Sherry Cask was specially created by Richard Paterson who aged it in bourbon hogshead casks before having the whisky shipped to Spain for a nine month finish in Oloroso sherry casks. It hasn’t spent all of its maturation in Scotland and thus, under Scoth Whisky Association rules, can’t technically be called a Scotch whisky. Rich and full of flavour it has the taste of American Cream Soda, or if you’re American, cream soda.

Price £50

Caol Ila 2000 / Distillers Edition 43% abv (Islay)

For those who like a little more peat then you can’t go wrong with Caol Ila. This 2000 vintage of Caol Ila’s entry in their Distillers Edition range, taking their regular smoky malt and finishing it in sweet Moscatel wine casks for an extra depth of sweetness. Think smoked dried fruits.

Price £55

Still want to spend more?

Glenfarclas 25 year old 43% (Speyside)

An undisputed classic, a shining example of speyside and sherry casking. Tastes of dried fruit, cream and with a full body. This whisky is rich and toffeeed and is perfect for a post dinner dram.

Price £90-95

Secret Stills No 1.2 (Talisker) 1986 45% abv (Islands)

OK, so it’s fair to say that Secret Stills are supposed to be a mystery to heighten the fun but there is no way of hiding the fact there is only one distillery on Skye and this has to be a Talisker and it is an absolute cracker. A 21 year old, first fill sherry cask Talisker that is just indescribably good. Get it before they run out.

Price £120

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Shackleton’s Discovery - Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt 47.3% abv (Blended malt)

If you haven’t heard the story of this whisky you are in for a treat, no where does the spirit of being Scottish summed up better in the plight of Ernest Shackleton. This whisky is a faithful recreation of the whisky he took with him on his expedition to the antartic in 1909, taking malts from the Glen Mhor and Dalmore distillery and blending them to create the flavour of the original whisky.

Price £100

And Finally…

Sadly there arent any distilleries in St Andrews itself, however there is a very interesting blend created for St Andrews Golf club.

Old St. Andrews Clubhouse Blend 40%abv (Blended Whisky)

An interesting blend cased in an amazing looking bottle, definitely one for golfing enthusiasts. A combination of young malts and young grains, this is a whisky that’s full of zest.

Price £20