Slice or Square? 17 food questions guaranteed to cause an argument in Scotland

As a nation we love our food and though we might not have the flair of the French or the panache of the Italians, we are hugely passionate about our culinary pursuits.

What do you put on your roll and sausage?

So much so that we'll often happily argue for hours over the names of things or what ingredients go where; usually before deciding that what's important is that we all miss original recipe Irn-Bru. Here are some of the best questions about food and drink that are guaranteed to cause an argument in Scotland. (Main picture: Naomi Vance)

Is it square or is it slice? Or are you a traditionalist and Lorne is your answer?

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More importantly, what do you put on your breakfast roll? Ketchup or brown sauce?
What do you put in your stovies? Other than potato and onions of course at least we can all agree on that.
It's pretty much a consensus that Scots want the old recipe back but do you actually like the newer stuff?
This one generally comes down to the south-east coast vs the rest of the country, but which do you prefer?
What do you put on your porridge in the morning? We are a fan of a splash of whisky.
A roll and chips, a chip roll or *shudders* a chip butty?
The answer, we think, to this one should always be plain, but sadly not enough young Scots are enjoying traditional brands like Mothers Pride these days.
Our answer to this one is quite simple. Taste it neat first, then if you think it needs water (is it too oily, too alcohol heavy) then add a little water - if not then enjoy it neat.
The heel? The outsider? The ender?
Always a tough question in the morning when waiting for your breakfast roll.
What do you call this north east favourite?
Other than square sausage, bacon and potato scone of course?
The battle of the ultimate lunchtime treats...
We prefer the cupboard.
When reaching for a cold can of Irn-Bru or coke what do you call it?
Or are they only pandered to tourists?