Rutherfords mobile bar ready to roll out across Scotland

The owners of a new mobile bar are getting ready to head out across Scotland to help people celebrate ‘the new abnormal’.

Rutherfords 2 is available to hire for private parties, weddings, events and festivals.
Rutherfords 2 is available to hire for private parties, weddings, events and festivals.

Debbie and Simon Rutherford, previously of Rutherfords Micropub, are ready to launch their new venture.

Not only will Rutherfords 2 be able to deliver service in a COVID-safe way, but it is quite unlike any other mobile bar available - and that's saying something for the couple who brought the very first micropub to Scotland

Having sold Rutherfords Micropub to new owners in April, they have been working in a secret location all through lockdown to bring Rutherfords 2 to life.

Debbie and Simon Rutherford are ready to launch their new venture.

“Fun was sucked out of life in 2020, but we weren't about to give in,” says Debbie. “We were once described as 'delivering service like custodians of a louche house party by GQ magazine, no less, so We just had to think of a new way!”

That new way meant taking their unique style and transferring it onto four wheels.

“The bar used to belong to the guys behind Dead Man's Fingers Rum,” explains Simon. “As soon as we saw her, we knew we could make her something really special.”

The couple made the trip to Cornwall to pick up the vehicle and have been working on adding their unique stamp to her ever since.

Now, as restrictions are easing, they are ready to launch Rutherfords 2 which is available to hire for private parties, weddings, events, festivals and 'just because'! Not only is the bar loaded up with all the drinks you'd expect in a full size bar, there is also a 1,000 watt stereo system on board to really get the party started.

"We love music," explained Simon, who used to DJ in Edinburgh. "So we're really looking forward to bringing the extra to every event we attend."

Debbie added: “Our sister company, DeliQuescent – who brought the only Haggis Gin to the world – have now expanded to offer ready-made cocktails which can be frozen, so it’s a great vehicle for that too.”

The skills of Debbie and Simon's friends were called upon to bring the bar to life.

Edinburgh based artist, Nicola Cairns designed their iconic logo, a cheeky burlesque dancer called 'Ruthie', and their friend who is a race car engineer, inventor and sculpture artist made the huge metal letters for the roof, which Simon painted and completed with bright neon lights.

“We wanted the bar to be seen from the opposite side of a field," they said, "like a warm welcome" – which is exactly what you'll receive. is available for hire now, and already taking bookings well into next year. DeliQuescent gins and cocktails are available at