Recipes: Summer Tortilla with Tomato Salsa, Beefburger with Potato Wedges

This week’s serving comes from the Scottish Government’s Eat In Season campaign. Find more recipes at

This week’s serving comes from the Scottish Government’s Eat In Season campaign. Find more recipes at

Summer Tortilla with Tomato Salsa. Serves 4

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500g new potatoes

One onion, preferably white

2 tbsp of rapeseed oil

3 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley

Six free range eggs

Pinch of salt

Ground black pepper to taste

Tomato Salsa

Three tomatoes, finely chopped

Two cloves of garlic, finely chopped or crushed

One small bunch of chives, finely sliced

2 tbsp of rapeseed oil

A pinch of salt and pepper to season


Parboil new potatoes leaving the skins on for 15/20 mins, if you prefer. Cut them into thick slices and chop the onion. Heat one tablespoon of oil in a large frying pan and add onions, fry to soften. Add the potatoes to the onion then heat gently, stirring occasionally until the potatoes are softened. Beat the eggs separately, then stir into the potatoes with the parsley and a pinch of salt and pepper. Lightly oil a small frying pan with one tablespoon of oil then add contents into the pan and cook on a low heat. When almost set, place pan under grill and brown. Slide on to a plate and cool for ten minutes before serving.

Beefburger with Potato Wedges and Tomato Salsa Salad. Serves four



400g pack extra-lean beef mince

One onion, grated

1 tbsp tomato ketchup

Four small whole meal buns, halved

One Little Gem lettuce, leaves separated washed

One beef tomato, sliced

One red onion sliced (optional)

Four pickles or gherkins, halved


Four large potatoes, cut into chunky wedges

1 tsp rapeseed/veg oil

1 tsp chilli flakes, plus a pinch of salt

Tomato Salsa Salad

450g baby plum tomatoes – halved lengthwise

Half a red onion, finely chopped

One green chilli, finely chopped

Two large handfuls of coriander, chopped

Juice of one lime

1 tsp of sea salt


Combine all of the salsa ingredients in a dish and put in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes. Toss the wedges with the oil, season. Cook for about 30 mins, turning halfway through. Put the mince, chilli flakes, onion, tomato ketchup in a large bowl and mix to combine. Shape into four burgers, put into the fridge to set for ten minutes. Ten minutes before the chips are ready put the burgers on a baking tray and bake for ten minutes until cooked through.

Top one half of the buns with the lettuce, tomato and onion. Add the burgers, and then top with the roll tops. Serve with salad and wedges and pickles on the side.

Carrot and Poppyseed muffins. Makes 12


45ml sunflower oil

45ml low fat margarine

One free range egg beaten

250g carrot

1 tsp vanilla extact

100g plain flour

50g caster sugar

1 tsp baking powder

Half tsp salt

Half tsp ground cinnamon

Pinch of poppyseeds


100g of low fat yogurt

Half orange zest

2 tbsp Honey


Preheat oven to 170C and line 12 muffin cases with paper cases. Cream together the margarine, sunflower oil, grated carrot, vanilla extract and egg. Sift together the flour, baking powder, poppyseeds and cinnamon. Stir the flour mixture into the carrot mix. Pour into baking cases and bake for 40 mins until firm to touch. Allow to cool and top cakes with topping to taste.