Picture quiz: Can you name these 15 Scottish whisky distilleries?

How well do you know Scotland’s most famous whisky distilleries?

How many of our distilleries can you name? Picture: Shutterstock

We know that many of you will already be missing Glasgow’s burgeoning nightlife scene (we certainly are), from its characterful pubs to its trendy modern bars, so for a bit of fun, we thought we’d see just how well you know them.

Distract yourself from the current global crisis – even if it’s just for a minute or two – by going through these 15 images and seeing if you can name each and every one.

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Ok so we've had to move some of the external lettering but there's no mistaking this distillery. REGION: Islay. Picture: Shutterstock

There are some easy ones – hang your head in shame if you get zero – but it gets progressively more difficult as the quiz goes on. Answers will be revealed on page 4. Jot down your answers and see how many you get.

Another famous Islay distillery. REGION: Islay. Picture: Shutterstock
Any peathead will know this one. REGION: Islay. Picture: Shutterstock
Another of Scotland's most famous single malts. This time in the Highlands. REGION: Highlands. Picture: Shutterstock
This distillery is almost as famous as the island it calls home. REGION: Islands Picture: Shutterstock
What came first? The distillery or the town? Picture: Shutterstock
Another popular little distillery that's well worth a visit. REGION: Highlands. Picture: Shutterstock
Getting a little tougher with this stunning distillery. REGION: Speyside. Picture: Shutterstock
One of the youngest distilleries on our list. REGION: Islands. Picture: Shutterstock
Arguably the most distillery south of the highland line? REGION: Lowlands. Picture: Shutterstock
This one is pretty famous. REGIONS: Speyside. Picture: Shutterstock
Another famous Speyside distillery. REGION: Speyside. Picture: Shutterstock
Getting much harder now with one of our favourites. REGION: Speyside. Picture: Shutterstock
This tiny distillery is well known due to its size. REGION: Highlands. Picture: Shutterstock
Definitely the hardest yet. REGION: Lowlands. Shutterstock
How many did you get?

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