New cook books for autumn and winter - from Michel Roux Jnr to the Korean Cook Book

As the nights start to draw in, it’s a good time to try some new, hearty recipes. Here we’ve picked some of the latest cookbooks in which to find your new favourite meal.

From celebrity chefs to the best hot sauc es to warm up with, as well as baking books, there are some of the newest cook book releases.

Hot Sauce: A Fiery Guide to 101 Of The World’s Finest by Neil Ridley and Dean Honer, £14

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Hot sauce is having a moment, with sales of the fiery condiment up 55% year on year. While we all know (and most love) sriracha, did you know that there’s a range of hot sauces from all over the world? Find out about classics and new kids on the block with this new book from writer, broadcaster and consultant Neil Ridley and musician and record producer Dean Honer.

This anthology features fiction, non-fiction, poetry and journalismThis anthology features fiction, non-fiction, poetry and journalism
This anthology features fiction, non-fiction, poetry and journalism

From moderately mouth-tingling Secret Aardvark Habanero to alive and kicking Diemen’s Stinger, this indispensable guide takes you through an expert selection of the world’s best. In addition, you’ll find an extensive introduction that covers the history, culture and science of hot sauce, tips and tricks from the top industry ‘saucerers’, as well as a seriously tasty recipe for your own homemade style – not to mention 10 simple, mouth-watering recipes for pairing with your collection.

Michel Roux At Home by Michel Roux Jnr, £26

Discover the joy of cooking simple and delicious French meals at home with Michel Roux, the celebrated chef and author of numerous award-winning cookbooks. This book allows readers to journey into the heart of Michel Roux’s home kitchen as he shares the everyday recipes he enjoys cooking and eating with his family and friends, including hearty breakfasts, quick lunches, simple suppers and weekend feasts.

With a mix of family classics that have been passed down through the generations of the legendary Roux family, newer dishes that Michel loves to cook with his wife and daughter, and his own childhood favourites, this is accessible French food to cook at home. Drawing on his years of experience as a chef and restaurateur, at the core of each recipe is the use of simple, fresh ingredients and carefully crafted flavour combinations. Each with clear instructions and helpful tips to ensure success in your home kitchen.

Learn how to bake with this new book.Learn how to bake with this new book.
Learn how to bake with this new book.

The Hebridean Baker at Home, £26

The bestselling author of Recipes & Wee Stories from the Scottish Islands and My Scottish Island Kitchen is back with his third cookbook. The Hebridean Baker at Home shares stories and adventures alongside a new selection of recipes. Be whisked away to his island

home where he brings delightful dishes to fill your space with Hebridean Hygge and songs and stories that will inspire your next visit to the Hebrides.

Alongside friends and family, his recipes are lovingly curated alongside Hebridean folklore, history and the how to find the best secret beauty spots across the islands. The Hebridean Baker at Home is filled with comforting bakes from his Double Dram Cake to Marmalade Shortbread, Drunken Crumble to a Lemon Curd Tiramisu. With delicious, hearty savoury dishes, including Whisky Fondue and Salmon Wellington, which are served up with chapters full of Celtic recipes, cocktails and signature Christmas bakes.

Hot Sauce is the ultimate guide for fans of a spicy condiment.Hot Sauce is the ultimate guide for fans of a spicy condiment.
Hot Sauce is the ultimate guide for fans of a spicy condiment.

The Dinner Table: 100 Writers on Food by Kate Young & Ella Risbridger, £25

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In The Dinner Table, Ella Risbridger and Kate Young present a deliciously moreish collection of 100 of the finest pieces of writing on food by a truly diverse range of authors, cooks and poets, spanning five continents and two thousand years.

This anthology features fiction, non-fiction, poetry and journalism by figures including Laurie Colwin, Salman Rushdie, Audre Lorde, Anthony Bourdain, Min Jin Lee, Amitav Ghosh, Kiley Reid, Sathnam Sanghera, Nigella Lawson, Preti Taneja, Jimi Famuwera, Fergus Henderson and many more. The individual pieces in this book each have something to say to their neighbours on either side; just like a real-life dinner party, the collection is designed to flow from one topic to the next. You'll find old friends as well as new, discussing eggs, bread, fridge-raid suppers, wedding feasts and much, much more.

The Dinner Table will be out on the 12 October priced at £25 for a hardback.

The Korean Cookbook features more than 350 authentic recipesThe Korean Cookbook features more than 350 authentic recipes
The Korean Cookbook features more than 350 authentic recipes

Bake It Better by Matt Adlard, £20

Matt Adlard is a popular pastry chef on social media. Matt released his first book, Bake It Better, where he shares his tips and tricks for mastering the art of home baking. A go-to baking bible for home bakers, each chapter has a dedicated theme, with recipes offering techniques to show you how to elevate your baking from refreshingly refined to extraordinarily elegant, with recipes for pastries, breads, cookies, ice creams and more. Through his Bake It Better online baking school, Matt shares the basics to baking, how to transition to advanced skills, and how to become a pro-level baker. His father, David Adlard, used to own the Michelin-starred Adlard’s Restaurant in Norwich.

What’s For Dinner: One Pot by Sarah Rossi, £20

When writing both her Sunday Times Bestselling debut cookbook What’s For Dinner and its follow-up What’s For Dinner: One Pot (which came out on 28 September 28), Sarah made sure to account for and tackle ways in which families can sit down to dinner together.

One Pot contains nutritious and crowd-pleasing recipes that can be cooked and prepared in limited time, are suitable for a variety of dietary requirements, and are 100% feasible regardless of skill, equipment, or budget. The recipes come paired with digestible guides around best kitchen practice, batch cooking, utensils and nutrition and helpful lists for both a stocked store cupboard and an economic weekly shop that slot together into comprehensive and easily executed meal plans. There’s even recipes for air fryers.

The Dinner Party by Martin Benn and Vicki Wild, £28.50

Michel Roux.  Photo: Cristian Barnett/PAMichel Roux.  Photo: Cristian Barnett/PA
Michel Roux. Photo: Cristian Barnett/PA

Chef Martin Benn and hostess extraordinaire Vicki Wild have created this book to teach you everything you need to know to throw a spectacular dinner party – from the food, to the table settings, to the music. The Dinner Party includes nine enticing menus for you to feast on. Travel to Tokyo for the ‘Lost In Translation’ menu, and serve Spanner Crab Yuzu Kosho Sandos and Meringues with Yuzu Curd and Pistachio Sherbet.

Each menu comes with a thoughtfully chosen wine pairing, a signature cocktail, and a specially created playlist – scan the QR code at the bottom of this release to listen and get in the mood.

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The Korean Cookbook by Junghyun Park and Jungyoon Choi, £37.95

Explore the extraordinary culture of hansik (Korean cuisine) in this beautifully-crafted collection of recipes and essays from JP Park – the acclaimed chef behind Atoboy, Naro, and the 2-Michelin-starred Atomix – and Jungyoon Choi, a globally-renowned expert on Korean food history. Together, the co-authors present an expansive and scholarly exploration of Korean cooking and prove that there is much more to celebrate about Korean fare than just barbecue. Following 10 years of in-depth research – and 20 years of friendship – Park and Choi have meticulously crafted the most comprehensive collection of Korean recipes in print today.

The Korean Cookbook features more than 350 authentic recipes, originating from the high rises of Seoul to the volcanic beaches of Jeju Island. Park and Choi guide readers on how to make sides and mains such as “Napa Cabbage Kimchi,” “Acorn Jelly Gukbap,” “Bean Sprout Namul,” and “Pork Rib Gui” as well as desserts like “Traditional Korean Donuts.”

How to Butter Toast by Tara Wigley, £16.99

In this collection of fun and entertaining rhymes, Ottolenghi co-writer Tara Wigley makes cooking with ease a cinch for cooks of all levels. Perfect your roasts, bakes, sauces and cocktails with this gorgeous gift book.

In How to Butter Toast Tara examines the many ways in which an everyday dish can be made. The result is a collection of rhymes that will enlighten and entertain, reassure and ultimately liberate the culinarily confused.

As the in-house writer of Team Ottolenghi over the last decade Tara Wigley has co-written eight major books, including million-selling Ottolenghi Simple and Falastin. In addition to these, she writes the weekly Ottolenghi Guardian column and the monthly column in the New York Times.



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