Innis and Gunn '˜poke fun at fans' in billboard campaign across Edinburgh

Edinburgh brewers Innis and Gunn has launched a hyperlocal campaign roasting '˜drinkers' on their thoughts and typos about the lager in a new campaign.

The brewer poked fun at drinkers who spell the brand’s name – ‘Innes’ and not Innis – a mistake which has even been made by famous author Irvine Welsh who tweeted ‘Innes & Gunn is the best lager ever’.

And the company responded with tongue in cheek dedications to the Trainspotting authors and other fans.

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The brand have even launched a rare limited edition glasses with the name misspelled and trolled those selling glasses on Ebay.

Dougal Sharp, Innis and Gunn Founder said: “Whether it’s misspelling our name or selling our glasses on eBay, we’re happy as long as drinkers love our Lager as much as we do. The #YourPint campaign is all about celebrating our fans and having a laugh along the way – which is the best thing to do over a pint!”

They also said they would be launching a number of campaigns across the next few weeks.