‘HeverleeSent’ bikes to hit Edinburgh and Glasgow

Offering out-of-the blue pick me ups where least expected, premium Belgian beer brand Heverlee is paying homage to European cycle-culture with the arrival of its ‘HeverleeSent’ bikes, set to hit the city centre of Glasgow and Edinburgh. The bikes will provide innovative new Twitter-based sampling opportunities beginning on 30 May 2014.

Twitter users can order a free beer, delivered by a 'HeverleeSent' bike. Picture: Getty

City dwellers can look forward to the arrival of the distinctive blue bikes throughout the summer months, which can be summoned via Twitter to deliver a refreshing pick-me-up in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Scanning Twitter for those who are in need of a well-earned pint, Heverlee’s cyclists will descend on the streets of the city centre to make surprise deliveries to those who least expect it, including vouchers for the brand’s authentic Belgian beer, to be redeemed at a nearby bar.

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Crafted using traditional ingredients and techniques and only ever brewed in Belgium, Heverlee was redeveloped following research at Belgium’s largest abbey by Joris Brams, a brewer born in Leuven. The Abbey of the order of Premontre – the original home of Heverlee – has an illustrious history and was established in 1129. When forced to close their production as brewing became commercial, part of the Abbey was demolished and its beer forgotten.

Working with the monks and with a local brewer, Joris used descriptions of the ancient beer to create Heverlee; a smooth pint that uses barley, specially selected hops and a much slower, more traditional brewing process than the bigger Belgian brands to restore original Pils bitterness to its taste.

‘HeverleeSent’ forms part of a wider sampling schedule throughout summer, including a round of ‘Le Tour’ activity, which brings a pop-up beer caddy to a selection of cultural events.

For a full lists of dates and more information follow @heverleebeer.