Pumpkins after Halloween: What to do with old pumpkins after Halloween - and are they poisonous to animals?

It may have a scary face and have sat on your front porch just 24 hours ago – but now your jack-o-lantern can be made into a host of delicious dishes.

Why not try this delicious pumpkin hummus recipe? Photo credit: Getty Images/Canva Pro
Why not try this delicious pumpkin hummus recipe? Photo credit: Getty Images/Canva Pro

You’ve spent hours carving the face of Michael Myers, Ghostface or a ghoulish message into it and now your pumpkin is just going to go straight into the bin, right?

Wrong! Not on our watch.

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Pumpkins are so much more than just Halloween decor.

The autumnal vegetable can be used for a variety of sweet – or savoury – dishes to keep the whole family fed as we head into the darker nights of November.

So don’t throw your jack-o-lantern in the bin just yet, instead, take a look at 8 of these tasty recipes you can rustle up with your left over lantern.

Roast pumpkin soup

An ideal dish to make if you’re wanting something yummy, but quick and easy to make. You simply can’t knock a warming pumpkin soup in winter time.

Why not grab some freshly baked bread and add some spices to make it extra warming too? With a nice thick, creamy texture, we’d recommend this recipe from Cookie+Kate.

Lebanese pumpkin hummus

Grab some tahini, olive oil and garlic and get some delicious Lebanese pumpkin hummus made today.

Hummus goes with just about anything too and, with the added pumpkin taste, it gives it that little extra something. This classic hummus dish should take your little over half an hour, at best, and we recommend this great recipe from lazycatkitchen.com.

Pumpkin chai-pie

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Got more of a sweet tooth? This pumpkin chai-pie could be right up your street. Smooth, creamy and tasty on the top, yet satisfyingly crunchy on the base, this recipe is indulgent and delicious.

Pumpkin curry and chickpeas

Healthy, hearty, warming and fully vegan, this low-calorie high-taste dish is fun to make. It comes with Thai yellow curry paste and a creamy coconut milk that adds an extra layer of taste to it.

It’s great as a main dish for the whole family. We recommend this recipe from BBC Good Food.

Pumpkin cake

Do you love a cheeky piece of carrot cake? Then this recipe should be right up your street. For those of you who want to creative with your leftover pumpkin, this cake – again from BBC Good Food – is perfect for a delicious dessert.

With a mixture of spice and citrus, this moist pumpkin dish is great for an after dinner treat. We recommend this version from BBC Good Food.

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Pumpkin & Pesto Crostini

Looking for an on the side snack? This may be exactly what you’re looking for.

It could work as a starter, a side or a light lunch and comes packed with a stunning combination of tastes, colours and flavours.

We recommend this recipe by CountryLiving.

Pumpkin Risotto

Easy to make, inviting and a perfect dish to reheat after a day in the cold.

Based on traditional Italian recipes, we loved this meal and we’d recommend it as an excellent choice to serve the entire family. We love this recipe from Caroline’s Cooking.

Are pumpkins poisonous to animals?

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Don’t want to cook for the family, but wondering if you can feed your leftover pumpkin to your cat or dog?

It is always best to check with your veterinarian to determine a healthy percentage of pumpkin as an addition to your dog or cat’s diet, however, both animals can eat pumpkin as a recommended yearly treat.



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