Haggis named UK's most hated regional dish

Scotland's beloved national dish has been revealed as the UK's most hated dish in a new survey.

Haggis remains popular with Scots. Picture: TSPL
Haggis remains popular with Scots. Picture: TSPL

A UK-wide study by the Gourmet Society found that 15 per cent of people picked out haggis as their least favourite regional meal. The Scots delicacy made from sheep or cow offal fell just behind London’s famous jellied eels (13 per cent).

However, haggis came out on top among Scots, with 37 per cent of Glaswegians and 28 per cent of those surveyed in Edinburgh placing it as a firm favourite.

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The survey, which aimed to find the UK’s best regional dish discovered that Yorkshire pudding was the most popular with British foodies.

Yorkshire pudding, a staple of the traditional British Sunday roast, beat the Lancashire hotpot, Cheddar cheese and many others to win the title of Britain’s best dish.

The survey, which asked 1,009 UK residents for their views, revealed that many people were loyal to their local dishes.

Yorkshire folk claimed the greatest regional food loyalty with nearly half (49 per cent) picking their beloved pudding as a favourite.

Matt Turner, CEO of Gourmet Society, said: “Brits are spoilt for choice when it comes to trying regional dishes from around the UK, so it’s nice to see that plenty of regions are still sticking to their roots and backing their local dish.

The top five favourite UK regional dishes are:

1.Yorkshire puddings

2.Cornish pasties

3.Devon cream tea

4.Bakewell tart

5.Cheddar cheese

Top five loyal regions are:

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1.Yorkshire (49 per cent)

2.Glasgow (37 per cent)

3.Edinburgh (28 per cent)

4.Belfast (26 per cent)

5.Liverpool (20 per cent)