A pint of draught beer is a pleasure that is becoming difficult to come by.

8 places you can still grab a draught beer in Glasgow and Edinburgh during lockdown

One of the simple pleasures many of us are missing during lockdown is a visit to the pub for a pint of beer.

Friday, 29th January 2021, 3:37 pm

While there is no shortage of places to get bottles and cans of your lager, stout or IPA of choice, there’s something special and unique about a draught beer straight from the tap.

Current Covid regulations mean that pubs and restaurants remain closed, unable to even welcome a drinker through the door for a takeaway pint, but there are still a few bars, breweries and shops offering freshly-poured beers in reusable or disposable containers called growlers.

The restrictions mean food and drink businesses can still provide drinks in growlers, delivered direct to customers or by collection on a strictly no-entry basis – so no laws are being broken.

It goes without saying that you must enjoy your beer at home, as drinking in public is now banned across Scotland.

Stick by these rules and you can still enjoy a weekend pint from one of these places.

Needless to say, rules, stock and opening hours are subject to change, so plan ahead.

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