13 of the most beautiful Scottish whisky distilleries

Ranging from Highland Park on Orkney in the north to Bladnoch in the Borders in the south, there are over 120 whisky distilleries in Scotland.

The stunning Strathisla distillery. Picture: Picture: DSLRManu\Flickr
The stunning Strathisla distillery. Picture: Picture: DSLRManu\Flickr

Here are 13 of the most picturesque, you’ll want to visit again and again. (Main picture: The stunning Strathisla distillery. Picture: DSLRManu\Flickr)

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A physical reminder of the beautiful landscapes that lie just outside of Glasgow, Glengoyne can be found at the foot of the Dumgoyne Hill and is hugely popular with tourists - many of whom pass by as they walk the famous West Highland Way
Adding ivy to any building immediately makes it more pleasing on the eye, there's something so satisfying about the mix of plant and stone that makes this particular distillery so idyllic.
With its whitewashed walls and stunning location, it was only right that we put the Isle of Skye's most well known whisky distillery on this list.
The self titled 'smallest whisky distillery' in Scotland also might be one of its prettiest, with its collection of small white farm buildings, white picket fences and flowing stream.
With its pretty mix of green and white colouring and its distinctive clock tower and chimney, Tormore is one of the more quaint distilleries on our list.
Occupying the former site of the old Imperial distillery, this modern distillery is named for the nearby pool in the River Spey, and is one of Scotland's newest distilleries.
Its towering pagodas, cobbled courtyard and wooden waterwheel make it the perfect distillery to visit for those who love aesthetically pleasing places, and it also just so happens to be one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, which will appeal to whisky geeks too.
Standing proud on the Kildalton Coastline, the beautiful white coated walls and stencilled name mark this distillery one of our favourite sights when visiting Islay.
One of Scotland's newest distilleries sprung up on the banks of the Clyde in Glasgow recently and we have to say it's truly one of the most visually pleasing we've seen with its stunning clocktower and externally visible stills.
Though Islay's newest distillery is indeed pretty to look at, it's the view from its still room that is guaranteed to blow you away.
Lying on the remote Ardnamurchan peninsula just north of Mull, this relatively new distillery is the furthest west on the mainland and considered to be one of Scotland's greenest.
Described as the 'cathedral of the Macallan', this exciting new distillery truly has to be seen to be believed.
The idyllic Lindores Abbey Distillery, one of Scotland's newest, has been built on the grounds close to the source of the earliest written reference to Scotch whisky