These adorable dogs are all looking for new homes.These adorable dogs are all looking for new homes.
These adorable dogs are all looking for new homes. | Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home

Adopt a Dog In Edinburgh: Here are 8 adorable dogs looking for their new forever home

A charity is hoping that they can find homes for eight charming dogs deserving of finding love after facing hardships and heartbreak.

Eight charming dogs residing at Edinburgh’s Dog and Cat Home are currently seeking adoption, ready to begin a new life in their forever homes.

From Staffies to Shepherds, there are no dogs more deserving of love than those at the Home who have faced things that no dog should have to go through: from the hardships of living on the streets as a stray, to the loss of their beloved owners.

The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home works endlessly all year round to help keep pets in their loving homes, but sadly is experiencing a record number of surrender requests from owners no longer able to care for their pets.

This comes as a result of the rise in the number of households that welcomed new pets to their family during Covid-19 lockdown, and the subsequent adjustment when the world opened up again, coupled with the financial devastation of the cost-of-living crisis.

Consistently at capacity and struggling to take in any more pets until others are rehomed, the charity is calling out for families thinking about welcoming a new pet into their lives to consider re-homing as an option before they seek to buy a pet.

Here are the eight dogs who would like nothing more than to become the newest member of your family.

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