Insta Dogs: Here are the 10 richest adorable dogs of Instagram - including lovable Jiffpom

Some dogs can earn thousands of pounds for a single post on social media.Some dogs can earn thousands of pounds for a single post on social media.
Some dogs can earn thousands of pounds for a single post on social media.
These dogs all earn more than the majority of humans.

New research has revealed which four-legged friends are coining it in on social media.

Instagram is big business these days, but it seems that you don't have to be human to make a living from the popular platform.

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The study by pet nutrition experts PetLab has established the Instagram dogs who can earn the most money through simple sponsored posts. 

The research analysed the follower counts, estimated reach, estimated post impressions, and engagement rates on 100 of Instagram’s most popular canine pet profiles, revealing the pooches and pups who, if they and their owners so wish, could make the biggest bucks if they choose to monetise their accounts.

Here are the 10 top grossing pets.

1. Jiffpom


Jiffpom comes in as Instagram’s richest dog. The tiny Pomeranian puppy who likes to dress up, may owe some of his fame to Katy Perry, as he appeared in her music video for the song ‘Dark Horse’. As well as this he’s managed to make commercial cameos for Target and Banana Republic. Alongside these business endeavors, Jiffpom’s Instagram account, with its huge 9.3 million followers, has the potential to fetch as much as £42,200 per sponsored Instagram post, making him one of the most profitable pooches on the planet.

Handle: @jiffpom

2. Doug the Pug

Doug the PugDoug the Pug
Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug, comes in as Instagram’s second-highest earning dog. Doug’s posts have an estimated reach of over half a million accounts, with his 3.6 million strong following, this pug can earn up to £20,700 per sponsored post.

3. Juniper

While not technically a dog, Juniper and her foxy friends, have plenty of earning potential, and she’s canine, so that’s good enough for us. Her 2.9 million followers make for an estimated reach of 450K. A single sponsored post can earn Juniper as much as £17,700, putting her in the number three spot.

Handle: @juniperfoxx

4. Tuna


Tuna is half Chihuahua, half Daschund, but his Instagram dubs him a ‘Chiweenie’. His 1.9 million followers are enough to earn up to £12,900 per sponsored post.

5. Loki

Following Tuna, is an adventurous wolfdog named Loki. This beautiful Husky mix has as many as 1.8 million followers, earning him up to £12,700 per sponsored post.

Handle: @loki

6. Maya

Maya the Samoyed has a profile sporting recipes, art, and plenty of video content. She also boasts 1.8 million followers, and lands in sixth place with the potential to earn £12,200 for a single sponsored post.

7. Harlow and Sage

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Incredibly sadly, the seventh-placed pups feature post-humously on the list, but while Harlow and Sage are no longer with us, their legacy lives on. Harlow the Weimaraner, and Sage the miniature Daschund found fame through their adorable friendship in 2013, and their Instagram, now run by their best friends, can earn up to £11,200 per sponsored post.

8. Marnie

Sadly again, the eighth dog in the Insta rich list, Marniealso passed awayShe and her famous lolling tongue wracked up 1.5 million followers and with this, she could have raked in as much as £10,700 per sponsored post.

Handle: @marniethedog

9. Maddie

In ninth, Maddiea pup adopted from a rescue shelter in Georgia, has as many as 1.3 million followers. She and her talented photographer guardian, Theron, have the potential to earn as much as £9,500 for each sponsored post of the splendid Coonhound.

Handle: @thiswildidea

10. Tika

In the final top ten spot, the mega-popular Italian Greyhound, Tika, of Montreal, has 1.2 million followers. This means she can earn up to £8,900 per Instagram post, a pretty good haul for a pooch.

Handle: @tikatheiggy

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