Dogs and Astrology: Here are which breeds of adorable dog you should pick based on your zodiac star sign đŸ¶

Some people believe that the best breeds of dog for you can come down to your sign of the zodiac.Some people believe that the best breeds of dog for you can come down to your sign of the zodiac.
Some people believe that the best breeds of dog for you can come down to your sign of the zodiac.
Thinking about getting a dog but not sure which breed to go for? Maybe the answer is in the stars.

If you're looking to introduce a furry friend to your family in the not-so-distant future, you're not alone - since 2021, 3.2 million households have added a pet to their family, bringing the number of pet-owning homes in the country up to around 17 million.

There are so many things to consider when searching for the perfect canine companion: their activity level, their age, their history, whether they'll get on with the rest of your family. But one factor which you may not have previously considered is how compatible they are with your star sign.

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But those who dabble in astrology may use their birth chart to judge dog breed compatability.

But how exactly do you adopt a furry friend who's compatible with your star sign? Kirsty Prankerd, from the personalised gift and keepsake retailer Write From The Heart, has offered some expert advice.

Kirsty explained: “Dogs can be great pets for anyone - they're fun, loving, and incredibly loyal to their owner. But just like their owners, our furry friends have a wide range of personalities, so they aren't always a perfect fit for every household. That's why it's worth considering your star sign when searching for your canine companion.

"While factors such as age and background should always be some of your top considerations, choosing a dog that is compatible with your personality is important too. A breed that values obedience and stability may not fit in with the care-free lifestyle of a Sagittarius, while a lively and energetic dog might struggle to settle into the homely lifestyle of a Cancer.

"But no matter what your star sign, you should always try to choose a dog who you feel a connection with. Both you and your furry friend deserve a compatible companion, and a relationship full of love and loyalty."

Why should you consider your star sign attributes when choosing a dog breed?

Astrologists believe that our star sign can determine some of our characteristics, so you may want to consider choosing a dog that is compatible with them. Psychic, astrologist, and tarot reader Inbaal says: "Dog breeds have their own likes and dislikes, and different star signs have unique characteristics. It's best if they fit well together."

Finding a pup who's compatible with your star sign is best for the both of you. For example, if you're a Cancer who loves nothing better than snuggling on the sofa with your furry friend, a boisterous and adventurous dog may struggle to fit in with your lifestyle, and vice versa.

To help you find the perfect furry friend for you and your family, we've compiled a selection of characteristics for each star sign to look out for when searching for your new dog.  Of course, there are lots of different things to consider when choosing a pet, and it’s never a decision you should make lightly. Always make sure to prioritise more important considerations, such as your experience of caring for a pet, the size of your garden, and your time restraints.

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People born under this sign are ambitious and adventurous by nature, so an outdoorsy and active dog will most likely suit their lifestyle best. An Aries can also have a competitive streak, so a playful and feisty breed will be particularly compatible with them. And, as Aries are natural-born leaders, it's also a good idea for them to choose a dog that can follow commands well.

Active breeds of dog such as Labradors, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers will keep their owners on their feet. According to Inbaal: "These breeds make perfect companions for adventurous Aries, who enjoy burning off lots of energy outside."


Taureans value loyalty and devotion above all else, which makes them perfect dog owners. They're also one of the most intelligent of the star signs. Being quick learners themselves, they'll be well suited to a dog that shares these characteristics, too.

While it is true that dogs are one of the most loyal animals you will find, there are some breeds that particularly excel at this. Boxers are one of the most loyal breeds around, and they're intelligent too, making them the perfect match for a Taurus. Other intelligent dog breeds include Border Collies, German Shepherds, and Shetland Sheepdogs.


We all need a Gemini in our lives: they're intelligent, passionate, and incredibly fun. And because they're always on the go, Inbaal says that they'll best be suited to a breed who can match this energy: "Speedy doggies who love company would suit them well."

A fast and energetic breed, such as a Dalmatian, Greyhound, or Jack Russell Terrier would fit perfectly with the fast pace of the life of a Gemini. Bearded Collies will also match the personality of a Gemini too, as they're very lively, playful, and love to have fun.


If you have a Cancer in your family, you'll know how domestic they are. Inbaal explains: "Caring Cancerians are home-loving and would enjoy a dog that likes to snuggle by the fire." And as they're incredibly family orientated, they also value loyalty and devotion, just like a Taurus.

Despite the bad reputation that they sometimes get, Rottweilers are great family dogs. They're loving, friendly, and can form a strong bond in a short space of time. And if you're looking for a dog that loves snuggling on the sofa with its owner, Pugs, Shih Tzus, and Neapolitan Mastiffs are all great options.

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It's always good to have a Leo in your corner, as they're incredibly courageous, and have a fiery nature. Inbaal states: "Those born under the sign of the lion are proud and strong." This means that their personalities would best be complemented by a brave and dominant breed. Leos are also rather sociable, so they love to let their hair down and have fun, and would be well suited to a furry friend with similar characteristics.

A playful breed, such as a Corgi or a Labrador, will be an ideal canine companion for a Leo, and will keep them on their toes, too! Brave and loyal dogs, such as Kuvasz, Daschund, and Rough Collie breeds, will also complement a Leo's personality perfectly.


If you need a helping hand when it comes to organising your schedule, a Virgo should be your first port of call. Whether they're tidying, cleaning, or doing their admin, a Virgo always has to stay busy, so an active dog that keeps them on their toes would suit their lifestyle best. People born under this star sign are also incredibly kind and always willing to help others, so they'd get on particularly well with a friendly and caring canine.

Siberian Huskies are a hardworking breed, so would be happy to accompany a Virgo when completing their daily chores. And for a dog who is as kind as caring as they are, Virgos should look into getting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Although they have a bad reputation, this is usually caused by bad owners. Staffies are actually a gentle and loving breed, and any Virgo would find it impossible to not fall in love with them.


Libras appreciate the finer things in life, so they would get on well with a dog who does too. However, they're also considered to be the most indecisive of the signs, so they would be well-suited to a patient and gentle breed. People born under this star sign also tend to be incredibly sociable, so a friendly and outgoing dog would match their personality best.

Calm breeds such as Shih Tzus, Pugs, and Greyhounds are ideal, as they can stay patient for an indecisive Libra. A Newfoundland is another great option for Libras. They're incredibly affectionate, and very loyal too, so would match the sociable side of a Libra's personality to perfection.


Scorpios are the most mysterious of the signs. They can be very secretive, and don't give much away. That's why they're best suited to a quiet yet loyal breed of dog. But just because they like to keep to themselves, it doesn't mean they're timid. In fact, Scorpios can be incredibly brave and determined, so would work well with a dog that has these characteristics too.

A Dalmatian is the perfect match for anyone born under this star sign. Not only are they driven and competitive just like a Scorpio, but they tend to be quiet and aloof around strangers too. However, just like Scorpios, they can be loving and dedicated to those who know them best.

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Just like the other two fire signs, Leo and Aries, Sagittarians tend to be free-spirited adventure lovers, who are all about having fun and living in the moment. Because of their characteristics, they tend to enjoy travel, so should find a furry friend who doesn't mind moving from place to place. People born under this star sign are also very independent, so would match well with an independent breed.

Dachshunds are a very sociable and fun breed, and as they're so small it's a lot easier to go travelling with them. Corgis are another fun-loving breed that perfectly suits the personality of a Sagittarius. They're playful, outgoing, and are guaranteed to make you giggle!


Capricorns are often considered the most mature of the star signs. They're responsible and realistic in their expectations, but this doesn't stop them from being ambitious. In fact, Capricorns are incredibly hardworking, so are often able to turn their dreams into reality. Inbaal explains that Capricorns work best with hardworking dogs who are quick learners and easy to train.

One of the best-matched breeds for a Capricorn is a Shiba. They're one of the most independent breeds, plus their confidence and intelligence makes them one of best breeds to train. However, as they're so independent they can sometimes be pretty stubborn too, so won't always do what you tell them to! For a more obedient dog, Poodles are a great option.  


Those born under this sign are often humanitarians, who want to change the world, and provide help to those who need it most. They're also highly intelligent and deep-thinkers. Aquarians should search for a smart and independent dog who is as kind and caring as they are.

Havanese are a great match for Aquarius, thanks to their kind-hearted nature. They're also very loyal, whilst being intelligent and independent too. Labradors are another loving and smart breed, who would get on well with people born under this star sign.


Similarly to Aquarius's, people born under this star sign tend to be very compassionate and loving. Pisceans are also often selfless and generous with both their time and resources, which means they tend to gravitate towards helping those in need of rescue.

Experienced dog owners under this star sign may want to adopt a nervous rescue dog who needs a little extra love and care. However, mistreated rescues can be challenging, so for both the happiness of the dog and the owner, they should only be adopted by someone who has experience and is comfortable with nervous or aggressive dogs.

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For first-time dog owners, Maltese work well with the personality of a Pisces. They're bright and curious, but also incredibly affectionate, and always looking to give love to their owner. St. Bernards are another loving breed, who naturally have the sensitivity of a Pisces.

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