Why Is My Dog So Lazy? Here are some expert tips to get your adorable couch potato dog exercising 🐶

Dogs are considered a man’s best friend, but with the evenings drawing in and all of us spending more time inside - our four-legged friends may start to show signs of being couch potatoes.

Popular breeds such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the English Bulldog are just two of the dogs known to prefer a nice lie down to a walk around the block.

But it’s important for your pet’s health and happiness that it gets enough exercise – even if the weather is less than conducive and your pup lacks motivation.

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Dogs can become sluggish for a variety of reasons, including their breed, personality or an underlying health issue that needs a visit to the vet.

To help out, the experts at dog housing retailer Kennel Store have weighed in and advised Brits on how to get dogs out and about again.

Here’s their advice.

Try to engage them with toys

Be sure to refresh your dog's toys every so often. They may begin to become disinterested and disengaged if they are consistently playing with the same toys. If you’re unsure as to what toy to purchase next, there are lots of options for dogs of all sizes:

It can be easy for us - and our dogs - to turn into couch potatoes over the winter, but it's important to still get out-and-about.It can be easy for us - and our dogs - to turn into couch potatoes over the winter, but it's important to still get out-and-about.
It can be easy for us - and our dogs - to turn into couch potatoes over the winter, but it's important to still get out-and-about.

- Interactive and puzzle toys can keep dogs entertained for hours, and provide both physical and mental stimulation. This could be hiding treats in a toy designed to be a challenge for the dog to get them out, or simply hiding small pieces of food or treats around your home.

- Stuffed animals are a great way to get your dog moving by throwing them for your dog to chase and bring back.

- Floating toys can be used in paddling pools and bodies of water. Many dogs love to be in the water, and these types of toys can be great for hot days, keeping your dog cool and entertained.

Make sure they are being exercised regularly

If your dog has become resistant to exercise, it’s unlikely they’ll be willing to go on long walks initially. Try taking them out on small walks in short bursts, multiple times a day.

Add lots of fun and treats, take toys with you and make the walks enjoyable so your dog associates exercise with positive stimuli.

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Take note of your dog's routine - and play accordingly

When you see your dog is having bursts of energy, respond to this by playing and engaging them with toys. This will be rewarding for both you and your dog, as you get to spend quality bonding time together and it allows your dog to expend some of this energy with a positive activity.

Create a routine that works for your pet

Dogs thrive on routine and finding a schedule that aligns with your life and their needs is imperative to motivating a lazy dog. With work and family commitments, it can be difficult to create a structure - but this is a great way to get your dog excited about exercise and movement again. Our dogs want to spend time with us, so allow time in your dog where you are able to walk together, and be consistent with it. As time goes on, your dog will begin to associate the same time each day as time spent outside with you, and start to enjoy it again.

Motivating lazy dogs is important - not only for their physical wellbeing, but also their mental wellbeing. It may be difficult at first, but with consistent hard work - you will begin to see a change in your dog and they’ll be back to energetic and full of life again.

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