Millions of British people welcomed new pets into their home during lockdown - here are the most popular.

Top British Pets 2022: Here are the 20 most popular pets in the UK - from loving cats and dogs to fish and ferrets

More than three million homes in the UK welcomed a new pet during the pandemic – and it wasn’t just the usual cats and dogs that were added to human households.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) more than 3.2 million people added at least one four-legged, finned, scaly, feathered or furry friend to their family over the pandemic – bringing the total number of pets in the UK to around 34 million.

Over 70 per cent of them have reported an improvement in their mental health due to having a pet, although there are fears of a surge of abandoned animals animal when things return to normal post-pandemic.

The surge in demand for domestic animals is being driven by younger people, with two thirds of the new pet owners aged 16-34, while over half have children at home.

Nicole Paley, PFMA deputy CEO, said: “Our research confirms the belief that many more people are benefitting from pet ownership and we are reassured by the mental health findings. However, it is clear that we need to consider the welfare of these new pets.”

Here are the 20 most popular types of pet in 2022 post-pandemic Britain.

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