A few simple tips can help your dog stay cool and safe over summer.

Keep Dogs Cool: These are 8 expert tips to stop your lovable dog from overheating and staying healthy

Summer is nearly here and with the increasing temperatures comes some extra dangers for our beloved four-legged friends.

With the growth in pet ownership showing no signs of slowing down, new homes builder Miller Homes has joined forces with animal welfare charity Blue Cross to reveal the top eight things every dog owner should know ahead of a number of forecasted heatwaves in May and June.

When it gets hotter, dogs can not only feel more uncomfortable, but their risk of sunburn, skin cancer and even a fatal heatstroke can massively increase.

First-time owners might not be aware of summer flowers which are toxic to dogs, and the fact that they should never leave their dogs alone in the car – even for a few minutes.

The research comes after lockdown prompted a surge in new dog owners, with market and consumer research portal, Statista, reporting that the number of dogs bought and adopted in the UK increased by more than three million in just two years.

Here are the top tips for dog owners to keep in mind as the temperatures rise.

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