Keep you pet's teeth in good condition is a key part of keeping a dog happy and healthy.

Healthy Teeth for Dogs: 11 expert tips to keep your cute dog's teeth and gums in the best condition ๐Ÿ•

Did you know that by the age of three a massive eight out of 10 dogs already suffer from gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss?

Wednesday, 10th August 2022, 3:19 pm

Pet's teeth have a lot of work to do โ€“ dogs use their mouths for more than just eating, they use them to play, explore and taste a lot of their surroundings too.

If your dogโ€™s teeth arenโ€™t properly cared for, it can cause problems.

Luckily the experts at natural pet supplement manufacturer nutravet have shared their top tips to help look after your petโ€™s teeth.

Registered Veterinary Nurse Korina Stephens said: โ€œBy the age of three, 80 per cent of dogs have developed some form of periodontal disease.

"Poor dental care doesnโ€™t just affect your petโ€™s mouth, the bacteria generated by gum disease could eventually enter their bloodstream and potentially damage their heart liver or kidneys.

โ€œWhen your pet has healthy teeth and gums, they can get the most out of their food, crunching every delicious mouthful as they go, but if their teeth hurt, theyโ€™ll soon go off their meals and their metabolism will suffer.โ€

Here are 11 tips to help brushing and maintaining dental health.

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