Does your dog's personality match its birth chart and sign of the zodiac?

Dog Horoscopes: Here is what your adorable dog's star sign says about their personality and compatibility with their owner - from Terriers to Labs ๐Ÿ•

Millions of people around the world check their horoscopes in an attempt to see what their future holds. Now an astrologer has claimed the heavens also impact on our favourite pups โ€“ hereโ€™s what they are predicting.

Dog-friendly holiday letting company Canine Cottages asked horoscope expert Emily Thornton to create a birth chart specifically for pooches โ€“ revealing what traits dogs born under certain star signs are likely to share.

And sheโ€™s also revealed the owners they are most compatible with by their sign of the zodiac โ€“ so you can see if your relationship with your pup is written in the stars.

Perhaps your pupโ€™s soft and gentle nature is due to them being a Pisces, or their proud nature due to them being a Leo.

So, do her predictions seem spookily accurate when it comes to your pet, or has she missed the target by a light year?

Whether youโ€™re a believer or not, hereโ€™s what the 12 star signs โ€“ apparently โ€“ tell you about your four-legged friend.

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