These 10 cute cat breeds are some of the fluffiest in the world. Cr: Getty Images/Canva Pro

Big fluffy cats: Here are the 10 gorgeous cat breeds that have the most fur

Here are the 10 breeds of cute cats who have the most fur.

Worshipped for hundreds of years, cats are some of the most loved creatures on the planet.

While they are fond of Dreamies and 16-hour snoozes, many cat owners attest that once you own a cat (or they own you), then you will be addicted to these beautiful animals for the rest of your life.

It is reported that the average cat owner actually own a minimum of two cats – though we are sure you may know some with many more.

And while it is indeed true – all cats are beautiful – if you are wanting to add a big, fluffy cute cat with a gorgeous coat, then these 10 cats are known as the cat breeds who are most likely to offer you the most fluffy fur!

*While cat breeds do share similar traits, we advise each cat does have their own personality and individual needs – including medical, which is of primary importance when taking a cat into your home. Please be aware of this if adopting a cat.

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