Eurostar is restarting journeys to Amsterdam and Disneyland Paris - here’s when you can travel

To entice more customers on board, Eurostar is now offering extra flexibility on all of its bookings. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Eurostar has restarted its direct services from London to Amsterdam and has announced plans to restart routes to Disneyland Paris.

The popular routes have been closed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March, which caused a decrease in customer demand.

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Eurostar has also announced certain social distancing and safety measures for staff and customers to follow on board.

When can I travel to Amsterdam?

The cross-Channel train operator restarted its Anglo-Dutch route from Thursday 9 July.

However, while the direct service is running to the Netherlands straight from London, the return journey from Amsterdam to London requires passengers to change trains in Brussels, where passport and security checks will occur.

When can I travel to Disneyland Paris?

The direct route from London to Disneyland Paris will reopen later on, from 2 August.

Flexible travel

To entice more customers on board, Eurostar is now offering extra flexibility on all of its bookings.

The train operator is allowing passengers who book throughout the rest of 2020 to make changes to their travel booking as close as 14 days prior to their original departure date, at no extra cost.

Safety measures on board

Eurostar has announced that all of its travellers must adhere to safety measures on board to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Such precautions include the wearing of a face mask by staff and customers, as well as booked seats set "at a safe distance apart", plus the deep cleaning of carriages prior to every journey.

From next year, the firm will roll out a futuristic contactless boarding system. New facial verification software will be utilised to allow passengers travelling from London to check in and board the Eurostar without having their passport checked.

The customers who choose to opt in will first be required to upload a selfie alongside a picture of their passport to the Eurostar's app, and they will be scanned as they walk through a 'biometric corridor' at St Pancras station.