Eight easy last-minute Halloween costumes

GETTING a costume together days before Halloween is a frightening task – avoid the black bingbag treatment with these perfect last-minute ideas
Mimes at the Edinburgh FestivalMimes at the Edinburgh Festival
Mimes at the Edinburgh Festival


What you’ll need: A white shirt, black sunglasses.

What to do: As probably one of the easiest costumes out there, all you’ll have to do is pop on the long-ish button down shirt, shove on your shoes and glasses and you’re ready.


What you’ll need: Umbrella, white tissue paper or yarn

What to do: Attach some long pieces of yarn or tissue paper to the ends of the umbrella to look like tentacles and look out for some white/pink coloured clothes. If you can find some small LED lights to drape on the canopy, even better. Try not to poke anyone’s eyes out with it.


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What you’ll need: Headband, cardboard, sellotape, black face paint

What to do: Cat ears are pretty easy to get a hold – most costume shops should have them. If you’ve not got the time or money to do so, simply get a plain black headband and cut out some cat ear shapes in cardboard and colour them in. These will be easy to attach using a sellotape. Add texture using cotton wool, if you like.

Grab some black face paint or eyeliner and transform your face into your favourite feline friend. Pick your clothes based on whatever colour of cat you’d like to be and you’re good to go.


What you’ll need: Black-and-white striped clothes, face paint, gloves.

What to do: Grab some striped or dark coloured clothes and paint your face white. Add the iconic teardrop with eyeliner or black face paint and a pair of gloves. If you’ve got a bit more time you could also add a beret to your silent ensemble.


What you’ll need: White sheet or old white clothes.

What to do: To recreate the look of the wives from Mad Max (the Tom Hardy remake, not the original), the aim is to make yourself look scruffy and beautiful at the same time. Fashion the sheet into a dress or two-piece and apply some muck to it.


What you’ll need: Cardboard, yellow paint, colouring pens.

What to do: Pick your favourite emoji, stencil it out on a piece of cardboard and colour in accordingly. Depending on size, you can attach it to a lollipop stick or hang it around your neck using string.

You could also get a partner and dress as one of the twin ballerinas, or the salsa dancer, which is also easy enough.


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What you’ll need: Fake leaves, a pack of green, purple or red balloons.

What to do: If you’re really stuck for ideas, head along to the supermarket and buy yourself a pack of balloons. Once inflated, attach them to any kind of outfit (preferably brown), grab some leaves (real or fake, doesn’t matter) to pop on your head and you’re ready to party.


What you’ll need: bandana, denim shirt, denim jeans.

What to do: Pin your hair back and cover with a bandana, grab yourself a denim shirt and your comfiest jeans.