Comedy review: Bennett Arron, Glasgow

BENNETT ARRON Capitol, Glasgow ***

All too often in this messed-up world, style counts for a little too much. But Welsh comic Bennett Arron just so happens to have substance coming out of his ears.

At the start of the century, this rising comic was the subject of a vicious identity theft which resulted in him losing everything.

He wrote a 2005 Fringe show about this life-ruining event, made a Channel 4 documentary on how easy it was to steal someone's identity and, in this Glasgow Comedy Festival gig, Bennett Arron's Had Enough, is still hammering away at his own cause clbre.

This time he's discussing the end of the story, where he pretended to be the then Home Secretary (it was Charles Clarke, nostalgia fans) to obtain a driving licence and make his point. Pursued by the Serious Fraud Squad ,whom Arron portrays as a slightly less efficient Keystone Cops, he is proud to have been renamed Operation Hydrogen.

It's perhaps understandable that his bitter experience has left him distrusting everyone, but it leads to some flawed logic.

Apparently the only reason he can't get his romantic comedy published is that he's not a woman, conveniently forgetting that neither David Nicholls nor Mike Gayle had to change gender to score a bestseller. And his observation on the Sky Sports sexism scandal lamely sideswipes those Loose Women.

Arron is at his best when he gets silly– a final flurry of daft gags about his Welsh-Jewish heritage and a great story about his time as a gravedigger reaping most reward.

If he truly has had enough, maybe it's time that Bennett Arron swiftly moved on.