Christmas adverts quiz questions 2020: from John Lewis to Coca Cola, best trivia for your online quiz - plus answers

These fun quiz questions will be great for a Zoom Christmas party

Only true Christmas advert fans will get all these questions right (PA Media)
Only true Christmas advert fans will get all these questions right (PA Media)

There have been so many brilliant Christmas adverts released this year that it’s hard to pick a favourite.

John Lewis, Amazon, Coca Cola and Tesco are some of the retailers that have stepped up to the mark to create unforgettable short films, after an unprecedented year.

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Some of them made us cry, some of them warmed our hearts and some of them made us laugh.

With Zoom quizzes back on the horizon this Christmas, since parties and large gatherings are off the table, what’s a better idea than testing your family and friends on their 2020 advert knowledge?

You could even make it a fun round during a virtual Christmas Zoom party by playing the adverts before the quiz for a quick recap.

But be warned, some of these questions are tough - and only true Christmas advert fans will get them right.

Whoever gets the most right wins the ultimate prize - eternal glory and bragging rights. That is, until next year.

Christmas advert quiz questions

1. On what date did John Lewis release its 2020 advert?
2. What two charities does the John Lewis advert support?
3. How many artists created the John Lewis advert?
4. Who sings the original John Lewis advert song?
5. How many adverts did Sainsbury’s release this year?
6. What kind of sauce does the dad make in the Sainsbury’s advert?
7. Was the main character in Amazon’s advert a singer, ballet dancer or swimmer?
8. The Amazon advert’s main character is a real life sportswoman - true or false?
9. What does the dad in Coca Cola’s advert try to deliver to Santa?
10. What famous war film did the Coca Cola advert’s creator, Taika Waititi, direct?
11. In the Tesco advert, what ‘naughty’ act does the first person confess to?
12. What is Santa caught eating in the Tesco advert?
13. What is Kevin the Carrot’s hedgehog friend called?
14. How many Aldi adverts has Kevin the Carrot been in?
15. What famous film is the Aldi advert a parody of?

Christmas advert quiz answers

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Here are the answers to the quiz questions:

1. Friday 13 November
2. FairShare and Home-Start
3. Eight
4. Celeste sings original song Give A Little Love
5. Three
6. Gravy
7. Ballet dancer
8. True, it’s ballet dancer Tais Vinolo
9. His daughter’s letter
10. Jojo Rabbit
11. Giving her sister a really bad haircut
12. Mince pies
13. Harry the Hedgehog
14. This year is his fifth
15. Top Gun