Video: Dash-cam footage shows BMW smashed by flying cabbage

This is the bizarre moment a BMW driver was left with a cracked windscreen after his car was struck -by a flying CABBAGE.

Tony Eccles, 48, was left shocked when the vegetable flew out of the back of a passing trailer and crashed into the glass.

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The IT engineer was on his way to pick up his daughter, Jessica, 21, from her job at Dominos Pizza when the freak accident occurred at 2.45pm on Tuesday (23 January).

Shocking dash-cam footage shows the cabbage hurling through the air and splitting the windscreen of Tony's BMW 520d estate as he passed a tractor in Spalding, Lincs.

The dad-of-three has been able to claim back £300 on his insurance, but is having to shell out £75 on repairs and hasn't been able to use the vehicle since.

Tony, who lives in Spalding, said: "You wouldn't think a cabbage would cause that much damage.

"It was absolutely terrifying, it's the sort of thing that gives you a real jolt.

"As the footage shows, it all happened incredibly quickly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something come off the trailer, and then there was this massive crashing sound.

"It cracked the windscreen right away, and it's gone right the way through - which is quite something because it's laminated glass.

"It's frustrating having to pay to have it fixed, but the reality is that it could have been a whole lot worse.

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"If it had hit a pedestrian, or a cyclist, it could have been a very serious injury, given the force with which it smacked into the windscreen.

"There was nowhere for me to pull over, and I was very conscious of the fact that there was a car right behind me.

"I kept driving to pick up Jessica, and then had a look at it after I parked up.

"I couldn't believe how deep the crack goes, I can feel how rough it is round the edges of it.

"So far I've just left it as it is, and haven't driven the car since. What with the frosty conditions, I've not wanted to drive the it and risk making the crack worse.

"It's going to be looked at today (Thurs) and should be all sorted fairly soon.

"I've been able to get my friend to take Jessica to and from work, because normally I would do that.

"She's learning to drive at the moment, she's just passed her theory test and is doing her practical in a few weeks.

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"I'm thankful that she wasn't in the car at the time, because it really would have put her off. She's already said that just seeing the damage has made her a bit more nervous.

"I just want to raise a bit more awareness, because these tractor drivers need to be more careful.

"I don't want other people to be in my position".