Used cars: the 10 models that have risen the most in value, plus the 10 biggest bargains

These are the second-hand cars that are making owners the most money, plus those that could be a great deal for bargain hunters

Tuesday, 7th December 2021, 8:02 am

Used car prices have rocketed this year, recording five years’ worth of growth in just six months, according to Auto Trader.

Rising demand post-lockdown and limited supply in both the new and second-hand markets have pushed up prices for 20 consecutive months and the average used car is now worth £17,366, £3,400 more than it was in May.

The growth has been seen in almost every segment as well, from superminis to supercars but while the average year-on-year rise is around 28%, some models have seen their value rise by as much as 50%, which is great news for sellers but not for buyers.

However, some cars have seen below-average growth and, in one or two cases, prices have fallen despite the strong market, offering the chance for buyers to bag a bargain.

Here, then, are the 10 used cars that have seen the largest price rises since November 2020, and the 10 that have seen the smallest growth or dropped in value. All figures are based on the Auto Trader Retail Price Index for November 2021.

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