Toyota announces free 10-year warranty offer on new and used cars

‘Game-changing’ Toyota Relax scheme launched for cars serviced by official dealers

The offer applies to any car under 10 years old and with fewer than 100,000 miles on the clock
The offer applies to any car under 10 years old and with fewer than 100,000 miles on the clock

Toyota is to offer up to a 10-year warranty on all its cars, vans and pick-up trucks as part of a new programme to support owners and its dealerships.

The Toyota Relax programme, which is being mirrored by Toyota’s sister brand Lexus, extends the standard three-year cover provided on new cars and the one-year warranty offered on approved used cars sold by its dealers.

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Under the scheme, any Toyota or Lexus up to 10 years old and with fewer than 100,000 miles on the clock, will automatically qualify for 12 months/10,000 miles of free warranty cover every time it is serviced at an official Toyota centre.

The Relax scheme is being offered by Toyota and its premium sister brand Lexus
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It means that a driver buying a brand new model from either brand can obtain up to 10 years of warranty cover by having their vehicle serviced on schedule by a Toyota dealer.

All Toyota and Lexus models are eligible as long the age and mileage criteria are met, meaning everything from the basic Yaris and Hilux to GR models like the Supra and even the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car qualify.

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And the offer isn’t only for vehicles bought from a Toyota dealership. According to Toyota: “second, third and even fourth-hand vehicles traded privately or from other outlets are eligible”.

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Rob Giles, customer services director at Toyota GB, said: “This is a game-changing proposition that redefines the manufacturer warranty, giving our customers the reassurance and value of cover for up to a decade of motoring.

“There are compelling business benefits to be gained as well, with Relax connecting us with more owners, building loyalty and giving our network partners the opportunity to maximise value chain opportunities in both sales and after sales activities.

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“The foundation for this exceptional level of protection is the essential quality, durability and reliability of our vehicles and our commitment to delivering customer-first service.

“As well as rewarding existing Toyota owners, our Relax programme will also strengthen the appeal of our vehicles to new customers, equally whether they are considering a new car or a used model.”

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How Toyota Relax works

From 1 June, the Relax warranty is automatically activated on the completion of a scheduled full or interim vehicle service at an official Toyota centre. By keeping to their vehicle’s service schedule, customers can extend their Relax warranty by an extra 12 months/10,000 miles, year after year, until the 10-year/100,000-mile limit is reached.

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The Relax warranty covers the same parts and labour as the three-year manufacturer’s warranty provided on new Toyota vehicles and the one-year manufacturer warranty that’s standard with approved used vehicles. It does not include wear and tear items, bodywork, paint, interior trims and maintenance parts. A vehicle health check is part of the service package, which includes all mechanical and electronic parts, which helps potential problems to be detected at an early stage. Any existing defects present at the time of service are excluded from the warranty.



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