Testbench: Supertooth HD Voice

£59 amazon.co.uk

What’s this then? It’s a hands-free speaker.

Meh. These things are usually quite crummy and tinny aren’t they? Well, it’s got two speakers, which always helps, and although their five watts of power might not be ideal for moshing to System of a Down, they are more than enough for phonecalls in a car, and the sound, both for you and the person phoning you, is clear as a bell.

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I bet you need a degree in quantum physics to work it though, yeah? What’s nice about the Supertooth HD Voice is its simplicity. Pairing is easy, and once that’s done, you just get in your car and it announces that you’re connected. There’s a big multifunction dial you can press to answer a call or turn to easily take the volume down on nagging partners.

How do I pick up a call? Once it’s connected, the device accesses your phonebook. When a call comes, if you just need to say “OK” after the unit says “Call from...” followed by the name of the caller. Unless they’re called Mhairi or Ruaridh. Then it sounds quite rude.

Where does it go? It clips on to your sunvisor.

Not very handy for charging then... Since it can last 1,000 hours on standby or 20 hours of nattering, you won’t need to do that too often.

Bit pricey though, isn’t it? Maybe, but it’s well-designed, well-made, with superior sound quality to any of the other portable kits we’ve tried.