Survey reveals rise of the ‘cardrobe’

ALMOST half of drivers are using their car as a travelling wardrobe, according to new research.

Insurance company 1st Central compiled data that suggests 47% of people keep clothes in their car at all times.

And 1.8 million drivers are apparently using their car to hide new – and presumably expensive – purchases from their partner. An emotional 682,000 people even admit to keeping an item of clothing in the car that once belonged to an ex, because they can’t bear to throw it out.

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Men are twice as likely to hide a purchase as women, and they are also the likelier to keep sports equipment in their car. 1st Central reports an estimated £1 billion of football boots are being kept on British driveways.

Among the odd findings is a rise in people using driving gloves, after celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga were recently seen wearing them. Almost one in five people questioned (18%) said they couldn’t drive without them – including 20% of 18-24-year-olds.

Other items in the so-called ‘cardrobe’ include feather boas, rubber gloves, gas masks and tutus.

Andy James, UK CEO at 1ST Central said: “With people struggling for space in their homes it’s no wonder the nation is turning their cars into a travelling wardrobe.

“If you add it up, some of the kit we keep in our cars not only builds up in weight eating into our fuel consumption, but can equate to a hefty price tag too. Expensive football boots, sports kit and designer sunglasses aren’t necessarily covered in your car insurance, so drivers do need to keep this in mind when giving their things the boot.

“Whilst insurers will cover motorists for damage to clothes left in their cars or in the worst case scenario items that are stolen, we’d advise that drivers keep their irreplaceable items in their homes as the safest place for them.”