Quiz: Do you know what these UK road signs mean?

According to data from Formula One Autocentres, only 25 per cent of UK drivers recognise all key road signs. A total of 32 per cent of study participants knew fewer than six out of 10, and four per cent were unable to currently identify any signs

Do you think you can get 10/10 right?

It can be easy to forget the basics that you learn when you first start driving, but it’s important that you know what signs on the road mean. Can you get 10/10 on this quiz? The first picture will give you a road sign and multiple choice answers - when you're ready, scroll down to the next picture and the answer will be revealed.

A. Bends in the road ahead B. Road narrow on both sides C. Roads becoming close D. Road widens on both sides

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B. Road narrows on both sides
A. National speed limit applies B. Do not enter C. No speed restrictions D. No waiting
A. National speed limit applies
A. Reduce speed by 10 per cent B. Steep hill downwards C. Uneven road D. Road is 10 per cent underwater
B. Steep hill downwards
A. Motorway speed limits stop B. Motorway rules do not apply C. End of motorway D. No motorways from this point
C. End of motorway
A. Loose chippings B. Roadworks underway C. Wet roads D. Spray risks
A. Loose chippings
A. Look left and right B. Traffic in both directions C. You may turn left or right D. Two way traffic crosses one way road
D. Two way traffic crosses one way road
A. No stopping B. No entry C. No Crossing D. No vehicles
A. No stopping
A. Train on the road ahead B. Level crossing without barrier or gate ahead C. Level crossing with barrier or gate ahead D. Train track crossing road ahead
B. Level crossing without barrier or gate ahead
A. Bumps in the road B. Bridge ahead C. Uneven road D. Speed bumps ahead
C. Uneven road
A. Grass banks ahead B. Quayside or river bank C. Uneven surfaces D. Soft verges
D. Soft verges