Lamborghini Huracan STO: Sant'Agata's latest road-legal, hardcore track-ready supercar

Lamborghini has unveiled what is essentially a rather bonkingly mad, road-legal race car, the Huracan STO. Or Super Trofeo Omologata, to give it its full name. That means it’s a road-homologated version of the brand’s Super Trofeo racing car.

First things first: performance. Power comes from the same naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 unit found in the rear-wheel drive Huracan Performante, which develops an identical 631bhp and 417lb ft of torque. But because of a reduction in weight, the STO catapults from standstill to 62mph in three seconds; that’s 0.3 seconds quicker than the Performante.

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So, what are the main changes? Lamborghini says 75 per cent of the Huracan’s exterior panels on the STO have been replaced with carbon fibre versions. The windscreen is also 20 per cent lighter than the standard Huracan’s. Weight has also been shaved from the wheels, which on the STO are made from lightweight magnesium. The combined result is the STO has a dry weight of 1,339kg, 43kg less than the Performante.

Externally the styling changes are significant and extensive. In addition to a new engine cover with a functional air scoop and a “shark-fin” stabilising vane, the STO also gains a manually adjustable rear spoiler, a reshaped rear diffuser and a deeper front splitter.

(Photo: Lamborghini)

The separate bonnet of the ‘standard’ Huracan has also been ditched, along with its bumper and front wings. Instead the STO gets a single-piece clamshell, the styling of which emulates that of the Sesto Elemento. There’s even a vent above each wheel, which the Lamborghini says helps to expel hot air from the wheel arches and cool the brakes.

To further aid performance, the STO gets a wider track and benefits from stiffer suspension bushings, specific anti-roll bars and beefier Brembo brakes. There’s also more performance from the gearbox which has a quicker shift pattern. Oh, and remember: that 631bhp and 417lb ft of torque is sent only to the rear wheels.

Inside the cabin? Well, it’s not exactly a cocoon of luxury. Out have gone the standard sports seats to be replaced by a full carbon fibre pair. There’s also a roll-bar with four-point safety harnesses for added crash safety. Out too has gone the standard car’s carpets and sound deadening in an effort to further save weight. However, there is a new storage bin designed specifically to hold the driver’s crash helmet between races.

Price? Yours from £216,677 (excluding tax), but most buyers will spend way more than that as they customise their model’s livery, trim and interior through Lamborghini’s Ad Personam customisation service. Order books are open now, and if you’re quick, you can be one of the first to receive the Huracan STO when deliveries start in spring next year.

(Photo: Lamborghini)

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