Italian superstar

Let’s face it, Lamborghinis have never exactly been slow off the blocks – if you’re lucky enough to be considering buying one, then having all those horses under the bonnet is a major selling point.

But the Aventador SV takes that need for speed to a whole new level. Even the name – SV stands for Superveloce, which means super fast in Italian – is a major giveaway.

For make no mistake, this is one very fast car indeed – check out the YouTube video which shows it conquering the Nurburgring circuit in less then seven minutes.

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The 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine pumps out a mighty 740bhp, powering the SV from 0-60mph in just 2.8seconds and giving a top speed of around 217mph. With a rev limit of 8500rpm, you’ll almost feel the roar from the titanium quad-pipe exhaust system.

But not content with upping the power, Lamborghini have also succeeded in shedding around 50kg in weight from the Aventador through extensive use of carbon fibre panels and ditching such niceties as soundproofing, while downforce and aerodynamic efficiency have both been vastly improved.

The SV also benefits from a new Magneto Rheological Suspension system, which individually adjusts the damping on each wheel, improving cornering speed while at the same time helping to suppress body roll.

It’s being billed as the Lamborghini “with the sportiest DNA” - and it’s certainly got the looks to live up to that claim.

The new fixed rear wing has three manually-adjustable settings designed to boost the aerodynamics, while at the front, there’s a carbon fibre bumper and matching side skirts to add to the undoubted visual appeal.

Inside, there’s swathes of black microsuede and also Lamborghini’s new ‘Carbon Skin’ material which features on the roof lining, seats and other panels.

The SV made its UK debut at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, where Lamborghini also announced that arriving hard on its heels (or tyre tracks) will be a Roadster version.

It will be slightly heavier than the coupe because of the need for additional strengthening, although speeds are tipped to be fairly similar. Orders are already being taken for the open-topped version, which is set to be unveiled next month.

In the meantime, if you fancy an Aventador SV, you’ll need to fork out in the region of £320,000 for the privilege – and the pleasure. Or, like the rest of us mere mortals, you could content yourself with a £35 SV baseball cap and carry on dreaming while you wait for those lottery numbers to come up.