Hyundai release stunning new Enduro concept art

Following its debut at April’s Seoul Motor Show, Hyundai have released new visuals of the Hyundai Enduro Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV).

2015 Hyundai Enduro CUV concept

With its two-tone front wings and wheel arches, the Enduro sports quite a statement look. A gaping grille looks ready to hoover up unsuspecting pets, wayward children and slow-moving superminis and its angry set of features mean that you’d probably remove yourself from its path if it came charging at you.

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The crossover segment is a busy one, led by the Nissan Qashqai and its many tempting finance offers. A compact ‘CUV’ is a logical next step for manufacturers, and if Hyundai can get the Enduro to market ahead of the competition, they can claim first blood in this latest acronym-strewn battleground.

If the sharp-looking Enduro makes it to showrooms in its current form, it’s bound to gain some admirers thanks to the distinctive styling.