First ever UK 'bull list' names the 10 best classic cars for collectors who love to drive

Hagerty has announced its first UK 'bull list'Hagerty has announced its first UK 'bull list'
Hagerty has announced its first UK 'bull list'
A new list from renowned classic car specialists Hagerty has named the 10 best classic cars for true car lovers.

Ranging from 1960s Jaguars to 1990s Fords and covering hot hatches, supercars and 4x4, its creators claim the “bull list” picks the models that are not only a sound investment but will provide owners with a rewarding driving experience.

In creating the list of desirable classics, the firm’s experts looked at market valuation data, auction results and private sales, insurance quotes and policies, looking for indicators that suggest a car is rising in value and increasingly in demand among drivers.

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James Mills, Hagerty’s UK editor, said: “The Hagerty Bull Market list identifies 10 great classics and modern-classic cars that appeal to all tastes and budgets – cars that will genuinely spread a smile across anyone’s face – but as a sweetener, we predict they shouldn’t lose money. We’ll be back next year to review the performance of our chosen cars, and present another Bull Market list.”