Chargepoint teams up with Apple CarPlay to bring charging network data in-car

One of the world’s biggest public EV charging networks has announced a new tie-up with Apple which aims to bring key information about chargers to cars' in-built media systems.

Chargepoint has announced new integration with Apple CarPlay which will allow users to access a range of information and control charging via their car’s touchscreen rather than a mobile phone. Previously, EV owners had to use the network’s app on their phone but the new integration brings its key functions into CarPlay’s in-car interface.

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Drivers can now access information on Chargepoint charger locations and status via their car’s screen. A mapping service lets motorists filter by charger connection types, speeds and cost, set navigation to a particular charger site and even join a virtual waiting list for busy charging devices.

(Photo: Chargepoint)

Bill Loewenthal, senior vice president of product for ChargePoint, commented: “The shift to electric mobility is transforming the driver experience, and ChargePoint’s integration with CarPlay is another pivotal step in the evolution already underway, driven by software and increased connectivity.

“By integrating essential charging data directly onto the vehicle’s infotainment system, drivers are even more empowered and informed than before. With the ability to connect their phone directly with the vehicle through CarPlay, drivers now have access to information from the ChargePoint mobile app on the vehicle display. The increased connectivity and how seamlessly the app and car work together represent the next step in how drivers and passengers will engage with mobility in the future, driven by the global shift to electric.”

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