A bareMinerals masterclass in facials

Freshen up your facial routine with a bareMinerals consultation


The treatment

A free Concealing, Highlighting and Contouring lesson (20 minutes) on a bareMinerals counter. I visited Boots on Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Why go?

To get a masterclass in, among other things, how to use this brand’s new Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer (£22), which contains lilac plant stem cells and humectants to keep skin hydrated.

Our spy says

This is one of six classes offered by bareMinerals, which range from the five minute long Finishing Touches to the full 45 minute whammy of Signature Look Plus.

My session takes just 20 minutes, while I’m sat on a tall stool by a spotlit mirror. After a quick consultation, their glam make-up artist, Jackie, asks me to remove my foundation with cotton pads and some Purifying Cleanser.

Then it’s on with the unguents to prep my skin for the paint. There’s a layer of their Mineralixirs 5-Oil Blend, which contains one of my favourite ingredients for age-ravaged skin – rosehip oil. Then there’s an application of their clear gel Original Primer to give the foundation sticking power.

The new concealer is next. This, Jackie explains, is applied using a brush, so you don’t drag the delicate skin around the eyes. She pats it on up into the inner corners, where, she says, the skin can be most shadowy looking. It feels light, but this stuff has a lot of coverage, so go easy.

Next it’s on with the Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. Jackie shows me how to apply a couple of drops of this to the special brush, which has an indent in its centre, then buff it on. She does one side, then I do the other.

Then she whisks on some All Over Face Colour in Warmth using a three shape, so it hits my temples, cheeks and the area under the jawline.

Finally, there’s a pop of colour on my cheeks with the powder blusher in a shade called Beauty, and Jackie gently traces some soft Lip Liner in Thrilled along my actual lip line (not outside it) and fills in my pout with the buttery Marvellous Moxie lipstick in Speak Your Mind.

The results

This is a quick and effective showcase of products without any pressure to buy. I really liked the new concealer, but I was also impressed by the primer, as it didn’t clog my pores like a lot of similar products. Love the amazing pink lipstick too, as it’s super moisturising yet has longevity. Sold.