Baby of the Week: Logan Alan Ryan

THE DETAILS: Logan Alan Ryan was born at 3.40am on February 25 in Forth Valley Royal Hospital, weighing 5lb 8oz.
Logan Alan Ryan is our adorable Baby of the WeekLogan Alan Ryan is our adorable Baby of the Week
Logan Alan Ryan is our adorable Baby of the Week

THE PARENTS: Mum Gillian Ryan (30) works as a nursery nurse at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, while dad Stuart Ryan works as a development specialist at Webhelp in Larbert. The family live in Denny.

THE PREGNANCY: Gillian said that her pregnancy went fairly smoothly but unfortunately she had to be closely monitored towards the 

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THE BIRTH: Gillian was induced on the Saturday at around 10pm and eventually after five difficult hours, Logan was born at 3.40am.

THE BABY: Logan is a happy and chilled baby who has his dad’s personality. Gillian said that Logan’s current obsession is chewing on his own feet.

THE NAME: Gillian and Stuart had a couple of names for each gender as they did not know if they were having a girl or boy. When he was born, they felt that Logan was best suited for him.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Logan’s grandparents are Helen and Roland Wright of Stenhousemuir and Jean Ryan of Cumbernauld.

THANKS: Logan’s proud parents would like to thank all of the maternity staff at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.