£405,000 Fife home up for grabs in '˜raffle' for £35 ticket

Could this house be yours for the price of a £35 ticket?

A Kirkcaldy couple are putting their £405,000 home up for grabs in a competition, which looks to give the five-bedroomed house to one lucky winner.

Developers Dario and Joanne Caira have launched the unique contest, which will be decided by a ‘spot the ball’ competition.

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The pair have been renovating the house, which is located in West Vows Walk in the Seafield area of Kirkcaldy, over the last year.

Joanne’s active social media presence has drawn 64,000 followers to her Instagram account thehomethatjomade, which she uses to show how her renovation projects are coming along.

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Joanne said: “We could sell it tomorrow, but we just thought, why don’t we give this a bash and see how it goes?

“We genuinely want to change someone’s life. My hope is that it’s going to be someone that’s followed me for a while because there’s so many people that know the house, and you get so many people saying how much they love it.”

Joanne says the refurbishment is almost complete, and the Instagram account is crucial to the competition.

She says the property has come a long way since they moved in.

“We’ve lived in it for a year. It was in a really bad way. We’re almost finished.

“When we’re done, the competition winner gets a newly-developed property.

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“If it wasn’t for my Instagram we wouldn’t be doing this, because looking at other competitions that are up and running, none of them have got this. People are actually following me for the house.

“I think the overall idea of it surprises people. But when you get into it, it’s actually a really amazing opportunity for someone.”

The inspiration came from reports about similar competitions south of the border.

“We were thinking of doing it up and moving, but my husband saw a competition in the paper and thought ‘that’s a genius idea’. He said ‘you’d love to give it to one of your followers’.

“It’s a beautiful house that they’ll win. It might be someone who sells it straight away and it’s a life-changing sum of cash they’ll make, or they’ll rent it out. Obviously we cover stamp duty and any legal fees.”

The number of tickets sold will be capped at 35,000, which Joanne says means people will have a better idea about the odds of winning.

For more details, go to: www.winthehomethatjomade.com