Apps of the week: Pocket | Cabinet BETA | Storage Hunters UK

MAKE your smartphone even smarter with these three useful apps

Pocket allows the user to log articles and links from social media and email all in one place. Image: Pocket
Pocket allows the user to log articles and links from social media and email all in one place. Image: Pocket


With so many videos, links and files circulating on social media, it can be hard to keep abreast of content that you’d like to view later on. Pocket allows you to save articles and videos worth looking at in your own time, with the central storage service putting an end to emailing yourself links or setting endless browser bookmarks.

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The app can be accessed from phones or tablets as well as computers, and can even be used offline. A built-in social feature allows articles that you’ve read to be shared to Facebook or Evernote, while upgrades to Pocket Premium priced at £3.99 per month or £34.99 annually give access to a Permanent Library of saved content amongst other benefits.

Storage Hunters UK

iOS, Android, free


For the ultra-organised comes Cabinet BETA. Described as a “minimalist file manager”, the app allows easy and rapid navigation of any phone’s files, provided it is running Android 4.1 or newer. Despite being the work of a lone developer, the simple-to-use program currently has 4.6 stars out of 5 on the Google Play Store.

The app is free for Android users only, though in-app upgrades can be purchased ranging from 78p to £11.79 per item.

Android, free


Idle hands looking for a diversion over the festive period will enjoy the game based on Storage Hunters, a hit US and UK TV show. Featuring auctioneer Sean Kelly as well as real-world bidders from the TV show, players can bid against the UK show characters as well as compete against real opponents online.

Heightening the arcade aspect of the game is the player’s ability to unlock special abilities such as X-ray vision or trash-talking to frighten opponents. Players can choose from one of six UK auction locations including Perth and Glasgow north of the border.

In-app purchases allow users to unlock certain auctions quicker or even purchase packs of lock picks to get one-over on their virtual opponents.

iOS, Android, free