Apps of the week: Inviita | Vacation Planning | ViewRanger

MAKE your smartphone even smarter with these three useful apps
ViewRanger. Picture: ViewRangerViewRanger. Picture: ViewRanger
ViewRanger. Picture: ViewRanger


Inviita is an app that lets you compose a tour of a place based on your mood. You can customise these tours by adding your own places to help others discover new locations and share them with your friends.

You can choose from preset moods such as romantic or cool, but there are also ones such as foodie, helping you to explore new eating locations, and ninja mood, which includes things such as resilience testing or surfing spots.

iOS only, free

Vacation Planning

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Some of the best holidays are carefully planned, and that’s exactly what Vacation Planning want to help you do. Once you select a destination – or your current location – you can plan what you want to do based on what’s nearby, from categories such as activities, shopping or tourism. This will create a list of places that you can either save or open to see more details. Pre-saved locations can be accessed while on holiday and is also integrated with Google Maps, giving you directions once you decide to visit. You can also get updates on the weather forecast for the planned location, as well as upcoming events such as concerts or shows.

One of the best parts of the app is the budget tracker, helping you keep track of your spending.

Android only, free


ViewRanger is a highly detailed map app that allows you to create routes – or follow routes others have created – using GPS. There is a wide range of activities you can find routes for, from hiking and cycling, to horseback and kayaking. These routes are not only user-generated but also have some from guidebooks and tourism brands across the world.

You can add points of interest to your trail, record treks to store or share, and personalise your version of the route with photos and a few words.

iOS and Andriod, free