Aesthetica's semi-permanent eyebrow treatment gives a look that lasts

Cosmetic tattooing sounds drastic, but this semi-permanent eyebrow make-up worked a treat


The treatment

Eyebrow Semi-Permanent Make Up, at Aesthetica, Edinburgh, £290. Semi-permanent make-up, also known as cosmetic tattooing, involves applying mineral pigment via an electric needle into the upper layers of the skin. It can imitate make-up or subtly change features, improving contours. In the case of brows, tiny brush strokes imitate hairs to give a natural look, or if preferred, more colour for power brows. The effect should last 12-18 months.

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Why go?

To save tinting or applying eyebrow pencil every day, to replace or enhance eyebrows that have thinned, lack definition, been lost to alopecia or Pamela Anderson-ed out of existence.

Our spy says

One of my eyebrows had become patchy and I was sick of drawing it in so it was over to Jacqui Fenner, Aesthetic Director at Aesthetica in Edinburgh’s West End to work her magic. After an initial consultation that included a patch test and explanation allayed my nerves, when I later arrived for the first of two sessions I felt in very safe hands.

A range of colours covers blondes and brunettes and since my brows are dark, Jacqui used a mid-to-dark brown colour with a few lighter strokes to give depth. My brows were measured and dimensions documented, stray hairs removed, then a guideline shape was drawn on. Don’t be alarmed as this is 30-50 per cent darker than the finished effect, although you might find yourself, like me, requesting more pigment at the follow-up a month later anyway.

Hygiene is a priority at Aesthetica and everything was sealed and covered before use. Anaesthetic was applied to the brow area and while we waited for it to take effect, I lay on the heated treatment chair and drank a cup of herbal tea. So far so painless.

Then Jacqui got to work tattooing. Was it painful? Not at all. Apart from a scratching feeling, there was very little sensation and I dozed off (although tolerance varies). The whole process took 60-90 minutes and by the end, the missing bits of brow had been filled in and the overall shape looked great. Slight redness faded as the day went on. For the first week I applied the provided balm and avoided getting the area wet or scratching, disturbing the pigment.

The results

Natural looking brows, restored to how they used to be and then some, because Jacqui expertly shaped and styled them too. The overall effect opens up the eye and the best bit is, no more messing about with sticky pencils or powder for brows that rub off during the day. n

• Aesthetica, 3a Randolph Place, Edinburgh EH3 7TQ (0131-281 5283,