12 stunning images that capture the remarkable landscapes and people of Mongolia

Mongolia is vast. Completely landlocked between Russia to the north and China to the south, Mongolia’s land area is roughly equivalent to that of all the countries of Western Europe.

Mongolia is a land of extremes (Photo: World Adventure Guides)
Mongolia is a land of extremes (Photo: World Adventure Guides)

It's not necessarily an easy option as a travel destination - it's a tough country in everything from its climate to its infrastructure. The local people have learnt to adapt to this challenging way of life, but if you’re considering visiting, you’ll need to pack your adaptability and flexibility along with your sun cream and thermals. Text: Issie Inglis and Jess Brooks. Images: Eternal Landscapes clients. Taken from MONGOLIA: an interactive guide. Published by World Adventure Guides. Available as a book for iPad and a Kindle book.

The rewards for those who make the effort to get to Mongolia are immense. Just leave behind your expectations based on what youve read and watched. Instead, come with an open mind and be delighted, challenged and surprised.

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In pre-history times tribes moved across the Central Asian steppe - a fluid, nomadic society. Three waves rode out of Mongolia to challenge the world, each producing a distinctive influence the Huns, the Turks, and the Mongols.
Famed for idyllic settings of blue skies surmounting panoramic vistas, dotted with round, white gers and quietly grazing livestock, Mongolias nomads appear to present glimpses of simple bygone lifestyles caught in a time warp.
Mongolians are warm and welcoming with a great sense of humour. As a visitor, you will see there is now very much a mix of modern and traditional in Mongolian society.
Planning is everything when you travel to Mongolia. It might sound obvious, but be well prepared for your journey. The Mongolian environment can be unforgiving and unpredictable.
A unique landscape like a sea of grass stretching over hundreds of kilometres.
What makes the Gobi so incredibly spectacular is the vastness of the landscapes - it covers an area of 1.3 million sq km and is the fifth largest desert in the world.
Home to the eagle hunting Kazakhs, Western Mongolia is a glorious mix of Mongolias highest mountains, its largest glacier, extensive sand dunes, salt and freshwater lakes and the largest reed beds in central Asia.
Three provinces form this region. The Orkhon River Valley is an area rich in archaeology and history relating to the Huns, the Turks, the Mongol Empire and the founding of Buddhism in Mongolia.
The northernmost tip of Mongolia provides the home range for the worlds southern-most indigenous reindeer population, along with a community of nomadic reindeer herders called the Tsaatan.
The herding way of life in Mongolia is very pragmatic, balancing traditions in combination with aspects of modern life that help to make their life easier and more efficient.
We leave you with sunset over one of the remotest landscapes in the world; a different way of life and a unique culture. Come and visit this amazing country with an open mind and let 21st Century Mongolia surprise you.