Nostalgia: Do you think he saurus?

EDINBURGH is no stranger to outdoor events. The Capital – quite rightly – uses its abundance of beautiful parks and outdoor spaces to host a range of weird and wonderful events all year round.

Residents and tourists enjoy the varied outdoor activities the city has to offer, ranging from the spectacular winter activities in Princes Street Gardens to the world-famous festival events in the summer.

Even sunbathing or picnicking in public parks such as the Meadows is a favourite pastime of locals.

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Now it could become even more accessible and attract even more people thanks to the promise made this week of more outdoor toilets in the Marchmont parkland.

The lack of facilities has been a major obstacle for some park visitors, as well as those with houses nearby, who often saw their gardens used as toilets during the height of summer.

But public loos or no public loos, Edinburgh’s streets and parks have been proud to host some interesting events over the years.

Princes Street itself became the venue for a traffic-stopping moment back in 1990 when a giant dinosaur crossed the road at the pedestrian crossing.

The “escapee” was from the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibition at the City Art Centre in February of that year and made an unforgettable advert for the event.

Using the Capital’s outdoor spaces is not a recent


Back in 1966, students from the Edinburgh University Student Charity Appeal took advantage of the space outside the Royal Scottish Academy to host their very own art exhibition.