Height: 90 metres (295 ft) Year constructed: 1879Height: 90 metres (295 ft) Year constructed: 1879
Height: 90 metres (295 ft) Year constructed: 1879

Edinburgh tallest buildings: These 11 buildings are the tallest in the Capital

Granted, Edinburgh is no match for the likes of New York City, Dubai or Shanghai when it comes to tall buildings – but Scotland’s capital city does has some real stunners.

A desire to preserve the historic character of the town has necessitated the implementation of heavy restrictions concerning the height of new buildings – and of course, there no real skyscrapers in modern Edinbugh.

As you’ll see, the list of Edinburgh’s ten tallest buildings mostly comprises places of worship and post-war high rise accommodation, and, interestingly, the vast majority (7 out of 10) of these structures date from the 19th century.

Please note: buildings currently under construction in Edinburgh have not been included in this list.

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