8 long-gone Edinburgh nightclubs we haven't forgotten

Whether you were a regular on the club scene in the '90s, a gig-fan in the '80s or just an occasional party-goer back in your student days, you've no doubt frequented at least one or two of Edinburgh's many nightclubs over the years.

As well as being a regular staple of Edinburgh nightlife for decades, The Venue also ran a popular Under 18's night. Picture: TSPL
As well as being a regular staple of Edinburgh nightlife for decades, The Venue also ran a popular Under 18's night. Picture: TSPL

Here are 8 of our favourite long-gone Edinburgh clubs.

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Back in the 80s, what is now Electric Circus was known as Buster Browns. This club was the coolest place to hang out, especially as big acts like Blondie and Duran Duran were rumoured to hold their after-show parties here. Picture: WOW247
The Cavendish or Cav has had many names and incarnations over the years, including Clouds, Coasters, Texas, The Hoochie Coochie Club, Outer Limits, The Network Lava & Ignite and Atik. Which one do you remember best?
Early 90s clubbers will remember the Picture House on Lothian Road better as Century 2000, a club which was a bit of a dive but did a great student night every Wednesday. Picture: WOW247
If you were into disco and pop music in the 80s, Cinderellas in Stockbridge was the place to go. Originally a cinema then a dancehall, the venue was transformed into Cinderellas in 1982 and, despite being a little less glamorous than its name might suggest, it remained popular until it burned down in 1991. Picture: TSPL
When it opened in 1999, Eros Elite at Fountainbridge was one of the largest superclubs in Europe, with 10 bars and a 2,200 person capacity between the two interlinked clubs. However it was short-lived, as the club was closed in 2003 due to shocking violence from bouncers and partygoers alike.
Now transformed into modern offices, back in the day Semple Street was home to the Red Hot Pepper Club and then Establishment. This was the place to be on a Friday night, plus you could head across the road and enjoy a kebab from Topkapi Kebab House on your way home. Picture: Google Maps
Venue opened as the Jailhouse on Calton Road back in the early 1980s. During its relatively short life, it served the city exceptionally well, introducing Edinburgh punters to an eclectic mix of traditional guitar-based bands and electronic acts before closing in 2006.
One of the most popular haunts for Edinburgh clubbers in the 90s was Wilkie House on the Cowgate, which hosted a number of regular nights as well as sets from guest DJs. Its had several names over the years since, including Faith, Sin and now Stramash.