Wanted: Staff to work on the remote island of St Kilda

It is more than 40 miles from its nearest neighbour in the Hebrides and has been dubbed the 'island on the edge of the earth'.

Now, staff are being sought to relocate to St Kilda in a rare opportunity to live and work on an island whose last permanent resident was evacuated 90 years ago as living conditions became too tough.

National Trust for Scotland, which owns the island, is seeking an archaeologist and seabird and marine ranger, with both posts starting this summer.

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What it's like living on St Kilda

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    Two jobs on St Kilda (pictured) are now being advertised. PIC: National Trust for Scotland.

    Those taking over his post will be expected to conserve the culture heritage of the archipelago and help visitors discover the islands.

    The ranger will chiefly monitor the population and breeding patterns of seabirds on St Kilda and record marine sightings in the surrounding waters.

    St Kilda attracts around 5,000 visitors a year with MOD staff and conservationists also making a temporary home on the island.

    NTS staff have typically stayed in the old manse on the island, which is fitted with phone lines and an internet connection with microwave links used as a last resort to communicate with the outside world.

    Food is usually delivered by MOD helicopter from a shop at Benbecula with staff usually ordering three weeks of supplies at a time.

    For more information on the jobs, visit www.nts.org.uk/vacancies