Wanted: A barista to work in one of Scotland's most remote restaurants

It's the train station made famous by Ewan McGregor's rant about being Scottish in the film Trainspotting, and is the home of one of Scotland's most remote restaurants.

Corrour Station, which is onlyaccessible by train or a 20-mile walk, is offering a few enterprising people a unique experiencein the Scottish Highlands. Picture: contributed

Now, Corrour Station, which is only accessible by train or a 20-mile walk, is offering a few enterprising people a unique experience in the Scottish Highlands.

The Station House team are searching for kitchen staff and a barista to help serve the steady stream of walkers and hikers that pass through, on their way to bag one of the many Munros in the surrounding area.

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Manager Shona Griffiths, who has worked at the station since 2014, is looking for couples, friends or individuals who don’t mind hard work and can handle living in the remote spot to fill the roles and help run the Station House Restaurant.

Staff are needed to helprun the Station House Restaurant. Picture: contributed

“It is a completely unique experience at Corrour and you are not going to find anything else like it. It is a great way to work hard, save money and enjoy the outdoors in Scotland.”

Those looking to apply needn't worry about a tough daily commute to the UK's highest mainline station (at 1,300 feet above sea level) as Ms Griffiths states that the jobs come with both food and board.

"It's impossible to commute to work so you have to live here; it would take you far too long otherwise," she said in an interview with The Times.

"I have loved it every year I have been here."

The restaurant itself is open from 8.30am to around the time when the last train departs at 9.20pm.

Ms Griffiths added: “It is long hours, you do get a break in the afternoon so we need people who can deal with that - and the remoteness.”

Those concerned about a possible lack of human interaction needn't worry as people from all over the world travel to the station, not just to enjoy the stunning scenery of the nearby mountain Leum Uilleim, Loch Treig and Loch Ossian, but also to see the location of Ewan McGregor's famous "it's s***e being Scottish" rant in the film Trainspotting.

At the height of summer up to 50 to 60 passengers can leave the train at one time with the arrivals signalling a rush on at the restaurant and with eight trains a day going back and forth through the station, each arrival delivers a fresh wave of customers to the restaurant.

“Everyone is so delighted that we are there," Ms Griffiths added.

“We all wait looking out the window for the train arriving. Then everything gets very busy at once."

Built by the West Highland Railway in the 1890s on the line linking Glasgow and Fort William, the station is part of the Corrour Estate with the Station House described as the UK’s ‘remotest restaurants with rooms’.

Open from end of March until end of October, seven days a week, the new staff will join a team of five and be required to live on-site for the entire season earning an 'excellent rate of pay'.

To apply, send a CV and a brief covering letter to [email protected]